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We understand the value of great office design. A well-designed office can enhance a sense of wellbeing within the workplace, increase employee productivity and even boost business efficiency.

Here at Active Workplace Solutions, we have decades of experience. Through our hard work and determination, we have grown from our founding in 1999 into one of the most trusted companies in the UK office interiors market.

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Firstly, let's discuss the importance of furnishings in the workplace. Whilst for some they may just be desks and chairs, let's not forget that this will be where your employees will spend the vast majority of their time. Furniture affects your workplace culture which in turn affects almost everything that your staff do from the moment that they enter office in the morning to when they leave at the end of the day. It affects things such as the way they dress, they way they interact with co-workers, and how they sit whilst performing tasks.

As such, it's essential that the office space is equipped with high quality furnishings and computer peripherals in order to promote proper posture. Sedentary behaviour not only diminishes levels of workplace productivity but can also increase the risk of serious health issues such as depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes,as well as the potential for musculoskeletal disorders. If you would like to learn more about the importance of the furniture in a well designed office space, here's a handpicked article for you to read about “The perfect ergonomic office chair".

Moving on to the actual office space itself, it's essential that your workplace layout is optimised. After all, if your layout is poorly designed and suboptimal your productivity will be affected. This includes things such as ventilation and air-conditioning, which if kept in poor condition could lead to discomfort or worse health problems.Additionally, you'll also have to consider the quality of your office lighting as poor quality lighting can cause issues such as eye strain, headaches, and tiredness, which can impact quality of work and thus productivity.

Our Office Design Process

Our office design process begins from the very first meeting. We get to know you as a business so that we can learn your key objectives as well as the culture and dynamics of your organisation. We believe that each workspace is as individual as the company in question, so the office space should reflect the overall brand image and ethos of your organisation.

The next step is to take a client brief.This is a review of your business's individual requirements including an in-depth study and analysis of your current workplace. From here we can create 3D visuals, 2D design plans, concepts and mood boards to help you visualise the look and feel of your new office space and know exactly how it is going to work.

Once you are happy with the concepts, we provide detailed space plans, cost estimations and a programme of works over an agreed time frame.

Keep Your Workplace Updated & Stylish With Active

Our dedicated team of designers use the latest methods and technology to transform and enhance workplaces, offering businesses practical and durable solutions to the challenges they face in their daily working environments. We understand that employee and employer demands are constantly changing, that's why we keep ahead of the curve with regards to office trends. With an Active Workplace Solutions designed office environment,you can be sure that your office will be up to date with everything it needs to keep your staff motivated and on task.

However, whilst we keep up to date with office trends, we also understand that every business is unique and as such will require a unique approach to the design of their workplace. With over 15 years of industry experience, our expert office design team have all the knowledge and skills requires to make your office design project a success. We have worked with companies both big and small to design a working environment that works for them and their staff. Some of our clients include telephone network, MBNL, and leading communications service provider, Virgin Media.

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The Active team work hard to design visually brilliant and practical office workspaces; making the best use out of the available space. If you are interested in any of the professional office interiors services that are available from the Active team, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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