Office Design Trends For 2018 And Beyond

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In the busy business world, it can be easy to put thoughts about the office design to one side – after all, it's only the building that plays host to our work. With so much to concentrate on, on a day-to-day basis, it's understandable that the role of the office is forgotten about. However, updating your interiors to suit the working practices of your employees (and modern technology) should be one of the most important things to think about, for any business.

The Importance of Keeping Up With The Trends In Office Design

The fact that the office plays host to our work is actually the key factor that makes it important – the way it functions, the facilities it offers and even how comfortable it is, has a huge impact into how employees can perform their daily tasks.

We exist in a special time of technological and manufacturing advancements – innovations that make our jobs easier and help us to think around 'traditional' techniques and concepts that can further improve our working practices and the resulting effort. As such, an office design of today can be made to fit with the company rather than the company having to fit around the limitations offered by a building's design. Gone are the days that saw unmoveable, creative-stunting cubicles – office workers of today can specify their own working environments. If their perfect one is an open plan area or a large room with hot-desking capabilities, then so be it.

Office Fit Out Trends For 2018 and Beyond

In 2018, the major trend is very much inspired by the need to move the office beyond its more-traditional limitations, taking it out into a place in which we can feel energised, inspired and brim-full of positivity. On this, here are five office design trends that will continue to inspire office fitters and their clients alike during 2018:

  • Keep It Green. Recent years have seen many a business realise the benefits that a more 'natural' environment can have on its employees. From rooftop gardens and water features to the less elaborate 'living walls' and plant installations; Biophilic design has great benefits to an employee's health and wellbeing. Our work environments often look monotonous and reflect feelings of the need to work hard, raising levels of stress. Whilst the need to be hardworking obviously isn't something that you want to eliminate, you can hone it, shaping it to be reflected in a better, more calm environment. As a result, the introduction of nature into the work environment will help to boost levels of calmness and creativity, making people feel happier and healthier. As a result, it will boost productivity without employees feeling like they're being endlessly pushed by a working environment that doesn't offer them anything.

  • Increasing Levels Of Texture. There should be more to the modern workplace than just the prefix of 'work' – we often forget about the 'place' suffix. If you think about how much time employees spend at work, then you'll quickly realise that it is truly 'a home from home'. Home is a place that we should feel comfortable and a safe in. It's a place in which we can relax, be ourselves and get on with tasks without constant pressure. This 'homely feeling' is precisely what many forward-thinking businesses are introducing into their office design for the future – texturing their rooms to heighten the sensory elements that allow employees to feel 'at home'.

  • Being Bold With Branding. Gone are the days of the 'identikit offices'; businesses have now recognised the need to have office space that reflects their branding colours and logos, as well as philosophies that are personal to the company. The office design of today is used as an extension of a business's marketing materials – saying everything about them and how they work, without having to push the verbal 'hard sell'. A unique and original design will impress clients and employees alike; gaining the company work, boosting its reputation and also helping to keep talented people.

  • Cater For Future Advancements NOW. You can't help but to have noticed that the technology we use has become more flexible as time has gone on – wireless communications have even changed the way that our offices are designed. As a result of recent innovations, many an office design has become minimalist and instead of the traditional tight set-ups with stationery desks and computers, have instead placed more concentration into improving open collaborative areas.

    But how will technology improve next? Innovations such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are beginning to grow in their influence – you may have already experienced them through your mobile phone, using QR codes (AR) or by trying out headsets that create a virtual world around your line of sight (VR). It isn't inconceivable to say that the next few years will see such technology come more into play in the workplace – so only by preparing for them NOW can we truly take advantage of them when they appear. As such, wide-open collaborative spaces have to be a must, for any creative business.

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