Does Office Furniture Have An Impact On Workplace Motivation?

Many businesses search for different ways to improve the motivation of their employees and their workplace, however have you considered the link between workplace motivation and furniture? Could modern office furniture be the solution to your productivity and motivation issues?

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WhatImpact Does Office Furniture Have On Workplace Motivation?

Numerous different things could affect workplace motivation. A few examples are the relationships co-workers have with each other, the culture of the working environment, and how valued each employee feels.

However, did you know that office furniture could affect all three of these examples?

1. Office furniture and Co-worker relationships

Office design and office furniture can help to create beneficial relationships between co-workers. For example, if you include comfortable seating in a breakout room, this provides a comfortable and relaxing environment for employees to bond with their co-workers over mutual interests.

For example, two co-workers from different departments may bond over a television show that they both enjoy. At the end of their break, they could return to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to complete their remaining tasks. Additionally, this could also provide opportunity for inter-departmental friendships to grow, which could aid teamwork if a task needs the attention of employees for a variety of different departments.

2. Office furniture and the workplace culture

Does your office design and office furniture promote a positive workplace culture?

Workplace culture affects almost everything your employees do from the moment that they enter the office in the morning to when they leave at the end of the day. It affects things such as the way they dress, the way they interact with co-workers, and how and when they eat.

However, your office furniture can impact the workplace culture. For example, if the office is designed to make employee co-operation easier and less intrusive to work, it could boost the amount of co-operation between employees whilst also reducing the amount of distractions. For example, many businesses opt for open plan office environments in order to literally remove the walls that divide employees and allow them to communicate in the open with each other. However, this can create issues with regards to noisy working environments. Office furniture can provide a potential solution to this issue. If you choose to install items of acoustic furniture, you could create areas for conversation where two or more employees can gather and discuss a project without disturbing others.

3. Office furniture and feeling valued

When discussing reasons for employee demotivation, Michael Page listed "feeling under-valued" as number three!

Indeed, if your employees do not feel like a valuable member of the team, they might start to feel like their efforts are not being appreciated. This could result in them losing their motivation in the workplace, resulting in a lower standard of work being produced by them.

So, what role can office furniture play in helping employees to feel like a valued and respected member of their team? Give them a feeling of ownership and a say on the furniture within the office space. This could be as simple as giving your employees the option between a sitting or standing desk, or giving them a choice of multiple office chairs so that they can choose the one that they find the most comfortable.

Office Furniture Services From The Active Team

The talented team at Active offer an office furnishing service that is flexible, allowing you to mix and match products to suit your budget and your working environment.

Using our furnishing service 'Furnish', we can furnish numerous different areas of your workplace, including but not limited to breakout zones, cafeterias, meeting rooms, or even the whole office environment!

We work with all the major office furniture designers and suppliers within the United Kingdom. This includes well known brands such as Verco, Allermuir, Boss Design, and Mobili. Additionally, thanks to our strong relationships, we can provide samples to our clients so that they are able to make an informed purchasing decision.

Indeed, when we furnished Virgin Media's state of the art call centre, their CEO commented saying the following,

“it's the best call centre I've even been to, the transformation is amazing."

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