Office Relocation; 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

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Many businesses seek to upgrade their workspace and relocate to a new office space through the use of a professional office relocation service. However, moving your business to a new location can be a difficult and challenging task. So, to give you a helping hand; here is a quick list of 4 questions to ask before you begin the relocation process.

Office Relocation; 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Do You Need To Move Your Business To A New Office Location?
    Relocating your business can indeed be difficult and stressful so if you decide to relocate it is important that you consider the options available. For example, your current location may be suffering from poor office design and could be improved to fit the needs of your business through an office refurbishment service. That way you don't have to relocate your entire business; instead you can upgrade your current place of work.

    Indeed, if after considering the advantages and disadvantages of both refurbishment and relocation and you have decided that refurbishment would better meet the needs of your business, Active can help. If you would like to refurbish your current workplace, perhaps you would be interested in our professional Build service.

    However, if after some consideration you have decided that you would like to relocate and find a new place of work for your business, the Active team can help with our professional Move service.

  • Have You Considered A Managed Office Solution?
    With a professional managed office solution, you can relax whilst the Active team works with local commercial estate agents to find a property and negotiate the best price. Additionally, our team will source all utilities and depending on your requirements, provide an interior design service; furnishing the premises with stylish and practical modern office furniture.

    After that our team would move you in and maintain the workplace with our professional 'office handyman' service Fixit.

    If you would like to learn more about our professional managed office solutions, you can do so by reading our blog titled, “The Benefits of Choosing A Managed Offices Service"

  • Have You Considered The Future Of Your Business?
    When considering a relocation service, it is important that you do not limit your focus to what your business needs now, but instead try to plan ahead and consider what your business needs in five or ten years time.

    If you only consider your business current needs, you might find that you need to refurbish your new workplace in a few years time, possibly even relocate to a larger workspace. As such, it is important that you relocate with the future of your business in mind. Your new place of work needs to both reflect the current needs of your business, and also have enough room to support the growth of your business, and adapt to the future needs of your business in the years to come.

  • Have You Thought About Your Current Employees And Transport?
    When looking at potential locations for your business to relocate to, it is important to consider transport for your current employees.

    Make sure that any locations that you're considering moving your business to have good transport links for your current employees. Consider things such as train services, bus routes, and nearby motorways for those driving to and from the office.

Choose A Trustworthy Business To Provide A Professional Relocation Solution

If you decide to relocate your business, it is very important that the relocation process is carried out in a swift and reliable manner. As such, it is also very important that you choose a trustworthy business to provide you with a professional service for office relocation.

The Active team have been providing office relocations since 1999 and our list of previous clients includes businesses such as, Sony and Channel 4.

Searching For A Professional Office Solution For Relocation? Speak To The Active Team Today

Relocating your office can be challenging and sometimes stressful. However, if you choose a professional service from Active, you can enjoy peace of mind. Our professional office solutions include services such as our Move service for relocation, our Manage service for managed office solutions, or our Build service for office fit outs and refurbishment.

If you choose to relocate your business through Active's Move service, not only can you enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that a professional and experienced business is organising the relocation of your business, but our team will also work hard to reduce the amount of disruption to your business. We will provide all of the packing crates and labels, take care of all of the IT (both decom and recom), we will carefully pack all furniture and equipment, and transfer you to your new location.

With the Move service from Active, we take care of everything; we'll even make sure that your post is redirected!

Relocate Your Business With Active's Professional Service For Office Relocation

There are many advantages to relocating your business. So, if you're interested in a professional relocation service from a skilled business that have been providing relocation services for over 15 years, speak to the friendly and dedicated Active team today.

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