Improve Your Office Design With These 8 Tips!

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There are lots of remarkable offices in the world and as such there are lots of different ways that you can create a fantastic workspace using a professional office design service.

However, with lots of different approaches to choose from,many people can be confused, so here are some office design tips to give you a helping hand.

Re-imagine Your Office – 5 ways to maximise your office space

  1. Natural Light Is Important
    There are lots of cool and exciting types of artificial lights that you can use to illuminate the workspace. However, do not neglect natural lighting.

    According to a study discussed in Psychology Today, “exposure to natural light improves workplace performance". As such, it is very important that you include as much natural light in your workplace as possible. There are lots of fantastic ways that you can make use of natural light coming from windows, such as repositioning furniture so that the natural light illuminates working space for employees.
  2. Colour In The Workplace
    Some businesses opt for lots of neutral colours under the impression that using colour in the workplace is unprofessional. However there are numerous ways that you can utilise colour in the office environment that still keep a professional mood in the workspace.

    For example, if your logo utilises blue colours, you could have an office that uses a lot of neutral colours, but also uses that same shade of blue as an accent colour in the office to provide a touch of colour to the office.
  3. The Space And Furniture
    It is very important that when you consider the office design of your workspace; you also consider the furniture that you use. Choose furniture that can help your employees work in comfort and also provides a smart and professional aesthetic for your workspace that could impress clients and potential employees when they visit your premises.
  4. Include Plants Into The Office Environment
    Another great way to bring colour into the workplace is to use plants. However, some people may have some allergies to specific plant types, so make sure that nobody in the office space is allergic to any of the flowers that you bring into the work space.

    Alternatively, if you're interested in using plants in the office space but you're concerned about allergies of employees or guests, you could also use artificial plants.
  5. Make Sure That The Workplace Is Clean And Well Maintained
    Keeping the workspace clean and well maintained is very important, not only could an untidy and poorly maintained office potentially harm the chances of your business making a good first impression with any guests arriving on your premises, but an unclean and poorly maintained office space could potentially be dangerous.

    Keeping the office in good condition can sometimes be difficult; as such we have a fantastic office service to help keep your office in good condition. So, whether you need painting and decoration works or electrical works, our Fix It office maintenance service can help to keep your office space well maintained and tackle small issues without paying a call out premium.
  6. Include A Space For Productive Breaks
    Give your employees a place where they can relax and recharge during their breaks. Don't just settle for a few chairs and a vending machine; give your employees a space where they have a productive break.

    Perhaps you could include a kitchen space with a toaster or a microwave so that they can enjoy a warm lunch during the winter time, or perhaps you could include a games room. This could be very beneficial for employee camaraderie, giving your staff a place to interact with each other. However it can also be interesting for client meetings as you can invite them to share a game with you.
  7. Open Plan Or Private Work Space?
    This is a difficult question for many businesses. Open plan offices are often praised for the boost to collaboration; however they do suffer from distraction and lack of productivity. As such if you're considering an open plan office, you should consider the use of acoustics in your office design.

    You can learn more about acoustics in your office environment by reading our blog, “Considering Acoustics In The Open Plan Office"
  8. Close Your Eyes, Consider Sound And Smell
    Office design isn't just about what you can see, you also need to consider sounds and smells. Did you know that 75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell? As such the scent of your workplace is very important.

    If you would like to learn more about scent in your office environment, you can read our blog titled, “Scent in the Workplace: Creating a five-star experience".

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There are numerous advantages to a professional office design service from Active. We are a very skilled business who has provided numerous office services for businesses; for example, you can read about our office design solution for Virgin Media by visiting our Case Studies section.

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