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Covid Back To Work Whitepaper

Active Back to Work - Covid 19

COVID 19 has created unprecedented and extraordinary challenges across the nation, not least within our workplace.

Now, as the Government begin the process of getting the masses back to work, it is clear that our workplaces will not look as they did pre-COVID.

We have created this guide to help you and your teams safely navigate the path back to work. You may not need to implement every step but if you do, Active is here to mobilise and assist you.

We have thought of everything. From helping your homeworkers help safely, to decontaminating the workplace to, of course, the core objective - giving you and your people peace of mind.

COVID 19 Impact - Active FM

Workplace Considerations Post Covid

Since we first saw Covid-19 in January 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hasbecome a global tragedy with severe human and economic consequences. As the devastating impact continues to be felt worldwide, many more organisations will be forced to reduce headcount and to look at potential costsavings in order to survive

To create and deliver a successful and sustainable way of working for the future it is key to ensure that you consider all elements of the workplace together in order to create a holistic, people-centred approach.

This approach should seek to cover all aspects that impact how people will work, and what they will need from the different types of spaces they use to undertake different types of tasks.


Active Workplace Solutions Case Studies

With a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we provide our customers with a range of services to cover all aspects associated with workplace change. Whether you are upsizing, downsizing or refreshing an existing workspace, we can design, build, furnish, manage, move and maintain any workplace.

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FM Outsourcing - does today's market favour the smaller player?

Is the time right for a new generation of outsourcing companies to stake their claim? In this whitepaper, Active Workplace Solutions looks into the debate between external outsourcing and keeping services in-house.'

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Sustainability in facilities management: A Holistic View

This report explores how the facilities management sector can impact wider environmental, social and economic goals, building a holistic picture of sustainability.

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Designing a Collaborative Work Environment: The 5 C’s

Designing a Collaborative Work Environment: The 5 C's

In today's workplace collaboration is seen as a key ingredient when creating engagement and job satisfaction among employees. It is commonly known that people thrive in a an environment where they are able to share ideas as opposed to working alone and it is becoming increasingly important that organisations, of all sizes, recognise the benefits of creating a collaborative workplace.

But what makes a collaborative environment?

Active Workplace Solutions discuss the five C's you must consider when designing with collaboration in mind.

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