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We design, build and furnish great places to work. Active is one of the most trusted companies in the UK's developing workplace service market. We've been doing this since 1999, so we ought to know what's what.

FM Outsourcing - does today's market favour the smaller player?

Is the time right for a new generation of outsourcing companies to stake their claim? In this whitepaper, Active Workplace Solutions looks into the debate between external outsourcing and keeping services in-house.'

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Sustainability in facilities management: A Holistic View

This report explores how the facilities management sector can impact wider environmental, social and economic goals, building a holistic picture of sustainability.

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Designing a Collaborative Work Environment: The 5 C’s

Designing a Collaborative Work Environment: The 5 C's

In today's workplace collaboration is seen as a key ingredient when creating engagement and job satisfaction among employees. It is commonly known that people thrive in a an environment where they are able to share ideas as opposed to working alone and it is becoming increasingly important that organisations, of all sizes, recognise the benefits of creating a collaborative workplace.

But what makes a collaborative environment?

Active Workplace Solutions discuss the five C's you must consider when designing with collaboration in mind.

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