Sustainable Office <br/>Clearances in Slough
Sustainable Office <br/>Clearances in Slough

Sustainable Office
Clearances in Slough

With offices producing a wide range of waste, where do you turn to when the time comes to replace old items? With pressures placed on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, the issue of commercial waste is an important one for all firms to address – and this is where we can provide an answer.

Here at Active Workplace Solutions, we are committed to sustainable office clearances – providing one of the UK's leading furniture resale, reuse and recycling services.

As an ISO:14001 Environmental Management accredited business, we have a responsibility to promote sustainability to ensure that the waste we produce(or come into contact with) during our work is cleared in the most ecologically-beneficial way possible.

How We Work: The Waste Not Want Not Scheme.


The most preferable method of office clearances is to prevent items from becoming waste in the first place. This can include things such as reducing the number of materials you use to reduce waste.


Some items of waste can be reused, thus being removed from the waste stream. For example, an item of office furniture your business no longer wants that is in good condition could be refurbished and sold as second hand or rehomed in the community to prevent the item from being disposed of.


The word 'recycle' means to 'turn an item of waste into a new product or substance'. In the office interiors industry, there are many of opportunities for recycling, due to the range of different materials that are used in a typical office environment.


If you can not prevent, reuse, or recycle the waste, the next most preferable method is recovery. This method of disposal involves recovering the energy from the waste in the form of fuel, heat, and power.


The least preferable method of waste management is disposal in landfill or incineration (without energy recovery). By using the methods we employ, this is the least likely destination for the items we recover during office clearances– contributing to a better environment.

Our aim with sustainable office clearances is to minimise the amount of waste that goesto landfill.
We are proud to say that wemanage to resell, reuse or recycle 94% of all cleared furniture andmake every effort to resell or rehome second-hand furniture through our 'Wastenot Want not' scheme. Many people will be familiar with 'The Three Rs'; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.Whilst the hierarchy is similar, RRR goes into more detail regarding differentmethods of waste management, listing them in order of most preferable to leastpreferable.

The Active Solution For Sustainable Office Furniture Clearances

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