Sustainability <br/>with Active
Sustainability <br/>with Active

with Active

Unlocking potential for our People, Customers & the Environment

At Active, we have the ability and opportunity to make more of a positive impact than ever before.

Unlocking Potential is a formal strategy devised expressly for embedding the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) into the heart of Active Workplace Solutions as a business.

It aims to embed and prioritise ESG within Active’s people, places and partnerships. Active will identify roles and responsibilities for executing this strategy and report on a number of appropriate metrics to ensure that the strategy is making progress. The strategy will be formally structured, annually reported and targeted to make progress across the identified key performance areas year on year.

Sustainable  Workplace  Clearances

Sustainable Workplace Clearances

With offices producing a wide range of waste, where do you turn to when the time comes to replace old items?

Active Workplace Solutions are committed to sustainable office clearances – providing one of the UK’s leading furniture resale, reuse and recycling services.

As an ISO:14001 Environmental Management accredited business, we have a responsibility to promote sustainability to ensure that the waste we produce (or come into contact with) during our work is cleared in the most ecologically friendly way possible.

Sustainable streamlining move for NHS

Just as in private sector industries, the post-pandemic reality of hybrid working has highlighted and enabled space efficiencies within the NHS. After careful consideration, a need was identified to relocate 40 people from another building.

Active undertook pre-move site surveys, project planning and crate management whilst liaising closely with the project team within the NHS. Active were able to donate most of the desks and equipment to local charities ensuring 95% was re-purposed, with the remaining items being broken down and sustainably disposed of.

Ian De Bruin, Technical Lead "Active delivered for us on all levels. They have high standards in their communications and work ethics..."

How Active minimised waste for the NHS

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