Office design Maidenhead
Office design Maidenhead

Office design Maidenhead

We understand the value of great office design Maidenhead.

A well-planned office layout can significantly enhance the workplace atmosphere by focusing on elements like lighting, layout, and ergonomic furniture. This fosters a more pleasant environment, promoting employee well-being and satisfaction. Furthermore, such design considerations have been linked to increased productivity, as optimised layouts enable more efficient work processes. Additionally, a well-designed office can streamline operations, minimising errors and improving workflow, ultimately leading to enhanced organisational productivity and effectiveness.

Maidenhead Office Interior Design Process

First meeting

Our office design process begins from the very first meeting. We get to know you as a business so that we can learn your key objectives as well as the culture and dynamics of your organisation. We believe that each workspace is as individual as the company in question, so the office space should reflect the overall brand image and ethos of your organisation.

Client brief

The next step is to take a client brief. This is a review of your business's individual requirements including an in-depth study and analysis of your current workplace. From here we can create 3D visuals, 2D design plans, concepts and mood boards to help you visualise the look and feel of your new office space and know exactly how it is going to work.

Detailed plans

Once you are happy with the concepts, we provide detailed space plans, cost estimations and a programme of works over an agreed time frame.

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Making The Best Use Of The Space Available

We create environments that are visually brilliant as well as practical.

Our workplace consultancy provides workstation occupancy studies, meeting room usage reports,and a range of additional research. This allows us to design something that is efficient and fulfils the needs and requirements of your business and your employees.

Once this crucial information has been gathered, we are able to create zoned layouts that explore the connectivity between each business function, allocating specific space to specific activities, such as a room for a customer service department.

Our business is built on the long-lasting relationships we have with our clients. Once the initial design is complete, we continue to manage and maintain your space plans and accommodate any requirements your business may have as it develops and changes over time.

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