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Magenta Associates is a specialist B2B communications, public relations and content agency for the built environment. The team delivers media and public relations, crisis communications, content marketing and event management to the corporate property, architecture and design, workplace and facilities management sectors.

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A Power-Sharing Future?

FM and HR aspire to a similar goal. Both are required to meet the aims of the organisations they serve, supporting activities from both operational and legislative perspectives. Active Director, Angela Love, discusses how FM & HR can work together.

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Angela Love: A flexible way forward: Apprenticeships are the future.

Active director, Angela Love, discusses the benefits apprenticeships can bring to a business and the four key elements that lead to their success.

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Business leaders share tips this National Work Life Week

Workplace specialist Active Workplace Solutions recognises the importance of creating an engaging workplace that not only looks great but encourages productivity and increases overall business efficiency. The team run on the belief that an engaging workplace should put the health and wellbeing of employees at the very forefront of the business.

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How SMEs can achieve corporate-style offices on a budget

In 2017, large corporate organisations are spending an ever-alarming amount on trendy, innovative and unique offices and workspaces. SMEs are therefore under increasing pressure to attempt to replicate such environments. Angela Love, director of Active Workplace Solutions, explores the challenges SMEs can face with innovative workplace design on a budget.

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Enhance your CSR Strategy this International Day of Charity

'International Day of Charity' is a day dedicated to raising awareness and providing a platform for all things charity-related. Originally declared an awareness day back in 2012 by the United Nations, it has since developed into a successful campaign which spans the globe and reaches millions of individuals.

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Where there's smoke, there should be a fire door

Where there's smoke, there should be a fire door

As the start of the new school year approaches, facilities managers across the country are ensuring that all aspects of the school building are safe and ready for the oncoming students. Adrian Powell, Director at Active Workplace Solutions, explains what schools need to do to maintain and assess their fire doors.

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Workplace hierachies

How workplace design shapes and reflects organisational hierarchies

Active Workplace Solutions Angela Love explores how a egalitarian office structure can cause problems with authority and leadership in a more 'flattened' power structure and how different business models react to a grid-like structure of power.

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