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Our in house furniture expertise and relationships with industry leading modern office furniture design manufacturers enables us to offer our clients stylish, ergonomic and durable office furniture solutions, regardless of your budget.

Why Choose Active Workplace Solutions For Your Office Furniture?

Our approach is flexible. This means that you can mix and match products that work for you and suit your budget.

We can furnish all areas of your workplace with beautiful and practical modern office furniture. Whether it's a whole office environment, a casual and relaxing breakout zone, your office cafeteria, the reception area, your meeting room, your board room or even a cinema! One of our clients is Everyman Cinema, a fast growing network of boutique cinemas

In today's workplace one of the most important aims of office design is to get the most out of the space available and the people using that space. To do this, we take time to understand how the space will be used and transform your workplace with the very latest on-trend, flexible and functional modern office furniture solutions.

We work with all the major office furniture designers and suppliers within the UK. This includes Verco, Allermuir, Orangebox, Boss Design, Mobili and Vitra. Our strong relationships mean that we know who to trust for high quality modern office furniture and can provide samples to our clients so they are able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Don't just take our word for it, recently we furnished Virgin Media's state of the art call centre and their CEO commented saying, “it's the best call centre I've even been to, the transformation is amazing."

We don't just supply furniture. We can also provide advice on selecting the right furniture for your company. Our workplace consultancy service enables us to gather a large amount of information about how your employees use the office space around them, including desk occupancy studies. Through our research we can ensure that you choose the best furniture options to meet the needs of today, whilst also helping to future proof your decisions and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

Furniture That Feels Good!

Furniture That Feels Good!

We believe that great office furniture isn't just about looking good. Whilst it should definitely look fantastic, comfort is equally important. Our workplace furniture specialists are up to date with the latest ergonomic products and findings. This means that we can help you furnish your workspace with the well-being of your employees in mind.

It is important that your furniture contributes to a sense of well-being. For example having a quiet space in an otherwise busy and noisy open plan environment is seen as a 'must have' by many employees. Even in situations where physical space is limited, the option of an acoustic sofa can create a peaceful safe-haven in which employees can host a conference call or work quietly on a laptop.

Furniture Installation

Our team of fitters and porters are trained and experienced in both the installation and maintenance of all of the furniture we provide. Furniture is housed in our very own warehouse, which acts as an essential part of the delivery chain, as furniture is coming from us, not via a third party. We can confidently guarantee that we'll deliver the correct order, at the correct time, every time.

We'll also work hard to ensure that all waste packaging materials are returned to our site for sustainable recycling. Active Workplace Solutions is ISO: 14001 accredited and takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

Sustainable Furniture Clearance

Sustainable Furniture Clearance

With regards to the removal of unwanted and old office furniture, we make every possible efforts to upcycle, recycle or reuse furniture through our “waste not, want not scheme". This scheme gives our clients the opportunity to help local charities and community organisations whilst also reducing their impact on the environment.

In the events where disposal is unavoidable, we ensure that our methods are in line with the latest directives and environmental guidelines. We hold a current waste carrier licence avoiding the need to involve third party waste carriers, which helps to keep the disposal costs low.

Leasing Options

If you're a corporate body currently undergoing an office fit out project, you may like to consider a lease option for the finance of your project. We work in partnership with Plus Finance Ltd, the UK's market leader in offering finance packages to businesses buying furniture or refurbishing their working environments. Leasing can offer a cost effective alternative to using cash resources for your project and also allows you to budget effectively.

Make Your Office Space Beautiful With Modern Office Furniture

If you're interested in transforming your workspace with beautiful modern office furniture, get in touch with our team today!

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