The Brief

Exponential-e is a British provider of internet, connectivity, cloud and communications. Working with over 2,500 organisations across the world, Exponential-e provides secure, reliable and efficient business communication networks.

When Exponential-e decided to relocate their office in Aldgate they brought in Active Workplace Solutions as third party contractors to manage the 170 staff move. This included the moving of furniture to the new office as well as full decoration works and new furniture installation to get the new office ready for business.

The Solution

The work included a full clean-up of both floors of the current building and total redecoration of the new office. This involved a complete strip out and refit of two kitchens on different floors and removal and replacement of cellular office carpets. Active Workplace Solutions also supplied and installed 100 new work stations as well as new writable and digital wall coverings. Active Workplace Solutions worked alongside screen suppliers to install a video wall, ensuring that the correct ventilation was installed to allow for the extra heat created. Once the new office was ready, Active Workplace Solutions moved 170 staff over the course of a weekend in order to minimise on business downtime. Any unwanted furniture and equipment was removed from site and recycled or re-used where possible.


The project was conducted efficiently and in a timely manner over the course of just six weeks, with the move taking place over one weekend meaning there was very little disruption to business. Exponential-e were able to move into a fresh new office created to their design and specification.

In their own words…

“Tony took every awkward issue and worked with it to make it good. Never a moment of complaint, and never an issue too much trouble. He has over the 5 days he worked on site been an absolute star. Even today he did a small task for me with good grace and a smile. Others may have been awkward about it."– HR Director, Exponential-e

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“We have now completed 16 moves with Active Workplace Solutions across our offices in both London and Bristol, which has affected over 1,200 people in total, some moving more than once. The employee moves are the most important part of our project as you are impacting people’s personal space and yet they are not dreaded by our employees as they know they are in exceedingly good hands. Every move has been smooth and well managed and the Active Workplace Solutions team are very friendly, dedicated, efficient and, importantly under pressure, they are fun to work with.”

- Project Manager - Motability -

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