Are you searching for an office fit out company? Have you considered Active Workplace Solutions?

Over the years we have delivered office fit outs and refurbishment projects for some of the biggest brands in today's markets such as Virgin Media, Mercedes-Benz and Channel 4, and we have continued to work with them across a range of refurbishment works.

Why Choose Active Workplace Solutions For Your Office Fit Out?

There are many benefits to hiring an office fit out company such as Active Workplace Solutions. Our highly experienced workplace construction team can take care of anything from minor building works to full refurbishment projects. With an extensive remit of contacts and industry relationships, we are able to deliver a wide range of services.

Our diverse team of project managers, multi-trade professionals and a wealth of construction knowledge enable us to deliver high quality workplace refurbishments that suit both your needs and your budget.

At Active Workplace Solutions we give just as much care, attention and dedication to smaller projects as we do for large scale projects. We get involved in minor building and refurbishment work such as decorating, painting (both interior and exterior) and the installation of air conditioning.

Refurbishment Projects

The office landscape is constantly adapting and developing, this combined with changes within a business can result in the most cost-effective solution being office refurbishment.

We can help you to remodel and maximise your space, we can help improve the productivity and performance of your employees by responding to new technology or by creating a collaborative or agile working environment that places employee well-being at the heart of the project.

Office Refurbishment

There are many advantages to having an office refurbishment. Since forming in 1999 we have flourished into one of the most trusted businesses within the office interiors industry.

If you're looking to increase productivity, integrate technology within your workplace or simply rejuvenate your office environment you need a professional team who can deliver professional results.

Time For An Upgrade?

Sometimes it is time to update your office; whether it's upgrading the lighting to be more energy efficient, upgrading heating systems, adding new desks or integrating technology. A professional office refurbishment is a fantastic way to upgrade your premises to modernise your image and increase productivity.

A Refurbishment Project From Active Workplace Solutions

The working world is constantly changing. This means that businesses need to be able to adapt to any changes, one way they can do this is with an office refurbishment from a professional business.

An office refurbishment can help you make full use of available space, providing more space to make room for additional members of staff. If your company is taking on new members of staff, a refurbished office can help improve staff well-being and productivity.

Make The Right First Impression

When a potential client visits your premises, you want to create the right first impression. Your office design should reflect your branding, your ethos and your identity as a business.

Colour schemes, comfort and cleanliness are just some of the factors that can cause a potential client to have a positive opinion on your business.

With a professional office refurbishment from Active Workplace Solutions, you can craft your office to provide the first impression you want. Design a professional welcome for a potential client, where they will see your employees working in a comfortable environment. Give the right first impression with an office refurbishment from Active Workplace Solutions.

Make Valuable Improvements

If your office is growing and starting to get noisy, a refurbishment project could provide a valuable way of mitigating the noise pollution, with features such as office partitioning.

An office refurbishment in Reading could improve the efficiency and productivity of your workplace. By improving your workplace, you can integrate technology to increase the efficiency of your office space. A freshly updated workplace could even boost the morale of your employees, potentially increasing their productivity.

A new office environment could also help to create a positive working environment for your employees. By increasing their comfort level and providing them with a new and updated working area, you can increase their morale and potentially their productivity.

Also adding a 'breakout room' for staff to relax and recharge or adding other comfort features could help to create a positive work environment.

Are You Rebranding? Have You Considered A Refurbishment?

If you're undertaking a rebranding, you should consider a refurbishment. If you are changing the way your business is viewed from the outside, you should also change it from the inside too!

If you have undertaken a rebranding, refurbishing your office premises to fit your new branding would help create a uniform appearance for any potential clients visiting your premises.

Searching For an Office Refurbishment? Talk To Active!

If you're searching for an office refurbishment in Reading, or the surrounding area, please talk to Active today!

We can provide professional office refurbishment services to areas such as Southcote, Earley, Woodley and Calcot. If you choose an office refurbishment with Active FM, you will be designated an Account Manager. This will give you one line of contact throughout your project.

There are numerous other benefits to choosing Active for an office refurbishment in Reading. For example, we also offer an 'office handyman' service through our Fixit service.

Our 'office handyman' service will help keep your workplace refreshed and running smoothly. This means that after we have managed your refurbishment project, Active can continue to provide support.

We also provide other services:

  • Design
    Our office design service can help you make the best out of your available space.
    We will get to know you as a business and understand your objectives and your culture in order to design an office space that reflects both your brand and your ethos.
  • Build
    If you are searching for a professional office fit out company, we have many years of experience providing office fit outs for many of the biggest brands in today's markets.
  • Furnish
    We can offer fantastic, stylish, ergonomic and durable office furniture solutions for a variety of budgets. We offer a flexible approach, so you can mix and match products that fit both your style and your budget.

  • Manage
    If you're searching for a new office, you could choose a managed office solution from Active FM. Our package includes finding your new premises, refurbishment, furnishing the premises, moving you in and maintaining the premises.

  • Move
    If you're searching for a way to streamline your office relocation, give Active FM a call. We even have a Move Guide, with a simple step by step process for a stress-free office relocation.

Our Commitment To Safety

We take health and safety very seriously; this includes both our employees and yours. We work hard to maintain our Safe Contractor accreditation year on year. We take care of all of the risk assessments, health and safety signage and ensure that all of our staff are up to date and trained in the latest health and safety guidelines.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Active Workplace Solutions is ISO:14001 accredited and takes its environmental obligations very seriously. Everything from our fleet of vehicles to waste packaging is taken care of with the environment in mind.


It is very important to build strong and consistent relationships with clients. As such each project is managed by its very own designated account manager, so you have one line of contact throughout your project. We can provide project management teams along with site managers to ensure that everything is completed to the highest standard, on time and on budget.

Once we've managed your refurbishment project, we can continue to provide support through the other services we provide. For example our FiXiT service, an 'office handyman' service that will keep your workplace refreshed and running smoothly.

Office Fit Out Services From Active Workplace Solutions

If you are interested in hiring an office fit out company, or if you have any questions about our services please contact our team today.

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