Finding the right office space for your business can be very difficult. There are numerous different reasons why businesses choose to relocate and it can be very difficult to find that location which 'ticks all the boxes'. So to give you some food for thought, here's a quick list of 5 steps to a successful office relocation.

5 Steps To A Successful Office Relocation

  • Ask Yourself “Do We Need To Relocate" It's important to consider if you business will benefit from and office relocation, otherwise you're spending a lot of time and money relocation to a new premises for no measurable benefit. So before you start the relocation process, make sure you write down the list of problems your business is currently facing and check is a different office interiors solution might be better suited to your needs. For example,you might be better serviced through refurbishing a small area of your current premises,instead of searching for a new place to run your business from.
  • Start The Planning Process As Early As Possible. An office relocation can take a very long time. You don't just have to find your new premises, you also have to find furniture, you have to decorate and you have to find a provider for electricity and broadband. Additionally, it is also a good idea to inform your employees as early as possible about the upcoming move. Giving them 6 months notice ahead of the planned relocation date should give them enough time to prepare for the change. Especially if some need to relocate their place of residence in order to stay close to the new business location.
However if all this sounds like a terrifying task, consider making use of a Managed Offices solution from Active. With our Managed Offices solution, we'll search for your ideal property, source utilities and services, design the new workspace and relocate your business.
  • Prioritise The Wellbeing Of Your Employees. It's important to remember that comfort plays a large role in creating a productive working environment. As such, it's essential that you prioritise employee wellbeing when you search for new premises.

You need to consider things such as breakout areas and other zones for relaxation in your workplace. After all, whilst comfortable chairs are important for employee wellbeing as inflexible furniture can cause long-term back, neck, and shoulder injuries; you also need to invest in a space where staff can relax, concentrate and collaborate. Don't just settle for a few chairs and a vending machine; give your employees a space where they have a productive break.

Additionally,it's also important to choose a new location that has the potential for lots of natural elements to be integrated into the office design. After all, an office plant isn't just a piece of decoration; it's a powerful tool for both office productivity & wellbeing. Did you know, “workers in offices that offered green or natural features had a 15% higher sense of wellbeing and were 6% more productive"? If you would like to learn more about the relation between office plants and productivity, this was discussed in more detail in our blog titled Biophilic office design: A growing trend.

  • Remember To Consider All Of Your Business' Needs. Some businesses relocate because they need more space. If this is the case for your business and you need a larger building to accommodate an increase in employees, make sure you don't solely focus on your need for a larger building,remember to consider all of the other needs of your business.

For example, if you find a large building with lots of car parking space, you might be tempted to choose to relocate there. However, before you make the decision, remember to consider all of your business' needs, after all you wouldn't want to start the relocation process only to find that the new building is too far away for a large amount of your employees to commute to.

  • Do You Have A Future Maintenance Plan? Once you have relocated and found a new workplace, it's essential that you keep it in tip-top-condition.However, sometimes it can be very difficult to tackle small interior design issues without paying a huge call out premium.

Here at Active Workplace Solutions, we take a different approach to office maintenance. Working alongside facilities and office managers from both large corporates and small businesses, we can provide a range of 'handyman services' that help keep your work environment running smoothly, and better still; we do this to suit both your needs and your budget.

How Can Active Workplace Solutions Help Your Business Relocate?

We have been delivering office relocations since 1999, our Move service includes all of the IT decom/recom, we carefully pack all furniture and equipment, and we provide all the packing crates and labels. So if you're considering relocating your business, whether you're upsizing, downsizing, or moving from one office to another, our experience means that we can provide you with a professional office relocation service,ensuring that your move will run smoothly and hassle free.

Additionally, to minimise the disruption to your business and ensure that the move runs as smoothly as possible, all of our work is done during unsociable hours.

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