If you believe you've outgrown your current officeinteriors, have been looking at moving simply to save on rental costs or needto take advantage of the amenities available in a new area, then an office relocation is an obviousmust. However, concerned about aspects such as the costs and the time-consumingupheaval that a move would have, many businesses choose to stay put in theircurrent interiors.

This will only work to have an adverse effect on yourbusiness – you've clearly identified that you need to move, so any long delayin moving would only see targets that you want/need to achieve not being met.Whether this is through a need to expand the workforce in order to meet thedemand, or the ability for the facility to better aid the current workforce,there is much that a business will miss out on if they stay in an office thatisn't fit for purpose.

In this blog, we're going to look at the great benefits thatan office relocation would have foryour business and why you should indeed, go through with one.

The Great Benefits Of An Office Relocation

It's easy to assume that a move from your current office will mean much upheaval, followed by a long and protracted period of 'bedding in' whilst you and your employees get used to their new facilities and surroundings. However, the benefits that a move has on both the business and its employees far outweighs these issues – moving can help the business to reorganise and feel reinvigorated, as our following points, outlining the benefits of an office relocation,will explain:

  • Use Space Better. By moving to a larger office, it will provide your business with the ability to shape its work environment and give it the scope to increase staff levels and as a result, the workload required to meet targets. If you're finding space difficult to come by to fit in new staff, equipment, furniture, files, even parking spaces, then it's clear there's a need for change. Moving to a new office doesn't have to be about upgrading the size of your business – if you are looking downsize and/or are stuck in a large office that is proving far from cost-effective to run,relocating to a better-defined facility, that better suits the size of your operation, would be ideal.
  • Move Closer To Clients. For some businesses, the need for the office to be located in the right area is just as important as its size and the functionalities it has. If you feel that your business isn't reaching the right target audience or that staff face long journeys to meet clients (as well as getting to-and-from work) then an office relocation to a more favourable location will help greatly. If you make it easier for people to get to the office, you won't just be creating a favourable impression on your clients and making things easier on your existing workforce, but you'll also be better-placed to attract and retain talented employees at the company too.
  • Gives The Business The Opportunity To Reach Its Potential. Whilst your current office space may have served you well, is in a good location and has reasonable rental rates; is it helping your business to reach its potential? A move will see you acknowledging the capabilities of your business and by moving into a bespoke office space that has been honed towards the working practices of the business and its employees (rather than them having to work around the facilities on offer) you will be creating an environment that will push everyone to the next level. This will be improving the quality as well as the quantity,of the work produced.
  • Save On Costs. Although a move to anew location may seem costly – it can be easily offset with the money you'll save in the day-to-day operation of the business. Thinking about undertaking an office relocation will give your business the ideal opportunity to review its outgoings and whether the current space is offering value for money. By moving into a new, bespoke-designed facility you will be able to better manage these costs – not just in rental rates but with better-designed utility, telecom and computer systems, you'll be saving on those costs too.
  • Energises The Business. It can be easy for people to 'get stuck in a rut'; the same applies to a business. By relocating your office, you'll be injecting some energy into your workforce. Anew environment that has been specially designed to better fit in with the requirements of the business and the people who work for it, will lead to a motivational boost, as well as increased productivity.
  • An Improvement In Branding. A modern office is more than just a workplace; it can also act as an extension of your marketing materials, helping to secure new business and to inspire employees.If you need to host any clients, what does the home of your business say about your company? A unique design will display the company as a modern, forward-thinking operation that is well worth getting involved with; the very image that you need your clients to see.

Bespoke OfficeDesign, From Active

Here at Active Facilities Management, we are proud to have undertaken a wide range of office design services that have made a real difference to the operational capabilities of our clients. No matter if you're seeking new interiors to expand, reduce, save on costs, take advantage of a better location or to improve your company's branding and general outlook – we are on hand to help you to plan and then create your ideal office design.

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