If you're considering utilising aprofessional workplace solution with the aim of improving your officeenvironment's productivity and wellbeing, the Active team can provide a widevariety of workplace solutions including office relocation, refurbishment, and furnishing services.

Why Is Employee Wellbeing Important?
Studies suggest that our surroundings can have a significant influence on howsatisfied we are in the office, affecting work motivation, and even patterns ofinteraction within the business. If a workplace is performing poorly this canbe as much of a source of pressure as a heavy workload, poor work-life balanceor significant organisational change. Additionally, with rising concerns overthe issue of sedentary behaviour in the workplace and its effects on bothmental and physical health, as well as the cost of recruitment; the wellbeingof your staff simply cannot be ignored.

  • Introduce Agile Working. Agile working is similar yet different from flexible working. Whereas in flexi-working systems, employees choose where and when they work, agile working on the other hand focuses on goals and deadlines,and gives employees the freedom to choose where and how they complete them.This means that if implemented correctly agile working can have numerous benefits for the whole business.

Whilst flexible working is fantastic for employee wellbeing, happiness, and staff retention, agile working benefits both the business and the employees;thus it's less one sided. Employees still get more freedom to work where and when they wish, but the result is a more performance-focused team, where employees are utilising their skills where and when they are most beneficial to the business' goals.

  • Improve The Layout. When designing a workplace that focuses onwellbeing, the layout of your office has a crucial part to play. However, it'snot as simple as changing every room in the office to be open plan. Whilst openplan and flexible office layouts have the potential to increase collaboration,boost innovation and use space efficiently, it is important for organisationsto integrate quiet spaces for privacy and concentration so that employees havea choice of working environment depending on specific tasks.
  • BringThe Outside Inside. This is a growing trend in the workplace.Designers of today are recognising the link between humans and their innateaffiliation with the natural environment, especially within the workplace.According to a study by Human Spaces, EMEA office workers who work inenvironments with natural elements report a 13% higher level of wellbeing

Additionally, research has also found that the presence of natural elements can act as a buffer against the negative impacts of workplace stress, having a positive impact on both wellbeing and creativity. This is great news for office refurbishment; natural elements can be incorporated into your office design through the use of colours as well as texture, natural materials and plantation to bring the outdoors inside. For example you could create an impact by incorporating a living wall into your reception area.

However, bringing the outside inside isn't just about plants, it's also about lighting and temperature. Both lighting and temperature have significant impacts on physical and psychological wellbeing in an open plan office. Natural light is essential for employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity and as such, it is important to incorporate as much as possible throughout the workspace. In order to make full use of the available lighting, you must consider different levels of lighting for different areas and tasks within the office. Also, it's important to note that according to research by Lees man, 81% of workers believe temperature control to be an important factor of an effective workplace and 77% believe natural light has a part to play.

How Can Active Workplace Solutions Help Your Business?

Relocating and finding a new place of workfor your business could potentially be a fantastic decision that could improvenot only your business, but also the day-to-day lives of your employees.However it is very important that you carefully consider if relocating is thecorrect decision for your business. For example, if you're currently in a greatlocation with lots of space, however the space is poorly optimised, you mightfind your business is better suited by refurbishment. Office fit out servicescan provide businesses with an updated workplace that not only meets theirneeds of today, but also considers the needs of tomorrow. For example, if yourbusinesses utilises open plan office environments, perhaps you could utilise afit out service and introduce acoustic solutions in your workplace.

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