There are numerous different factors to consider when designing a new office environment, one of which is the furniture you choose to utilise in the working area.

You choice of office furniture is a very important decision that can seriously impact the wellbeing and productivity of your employees, as such it is critical that you choose furniture which is designed to support healthy posture and provide you employees with comfort.

The Importance Of Office Furniture In The 21st Century Workplace.

An office chair isn't merely an item of furniture on which your employees will sit. It is an opportunity to boost the productivity of your business. This is because of numerous different reasons. For example, a high quality chair could help your employees to feel more valued. If each employee has a choice of chairs to choose from, it could help to reduce employee de-motivation.

However, it isn't just about the comfort of your employees and their motivation. Poor quality chairs could result on your employees suffering from back pain or neck problems as a result of their seating arrangements. Additionally, it is worth noting that painful or uncomfortable office furnishings could result in an employee seeking employment elsewhere, costing you a skilled and valuable employee. In a previous blog discussing workplace design we discussed the importance of high quality furniture that places a focus on ergonomics. Ideally, your choice of furniture should be as flexible and adjustable as the rest of the workplace, ideally having sufficient leg space and a back rest of 50cm.

It isn't just limited to office chairs however. Indeed, you can consider things such as your desks, the tables in your office, or even storage options in the workplace.

Desks can very quickly become cluttered in a busy working environment and this can affect productivity, however implementing storage solutions into your office's furniture can be a fantastic way to mitigate the damage to productivity that office clutter can cause. For example, you could provide employees with a single drawer in which they can place some of their personal belongings, keeping their desk clear of distractions.

However, providing office storage solutions to minimise clutter also provides desk space which could be used to keep a plant. Did you know that “workers in offices that offered green or natural features had a 15% higher sense of wellbeing and were 6% more productive"? More information regarding the use of plants in office design and space planning, and how they can affect the productivity of an office environment can be found by reading our blog titled Biophilic office design: A growing trend.

The Impact Workplace Furniture Has On First Impressions.

Office furniture plays a key role in crafting a positive first impression of your business in the minds of any guests who visit your premises.

Crafting this positive first impression is crucial with regards to interviewing potential employees or hosting meetings with clients, and your workplace furnishings can assist your business in creating the office environment and atmosphere you want to portray. For example, with regards to guests visiting your business premises, it is crucial that the furniture in your waiting room is kept in good condition and is well maintained. If your waiting room is uncomfortable, or if it has damaged furniture, this could lead to a guest having a poor first impression of your business.

Additionally, it is also very important that the furniture in your office is on brand and matches your business' ethos. There are numerous different styles of furniture that a business could include in their office and as such it is important that you carefully consider what message you want your furniture to convey. For example, if you want to portray your business as a forward thinking organisation, consider including some contemporary furniture. Additionally, it could also be useful to consider the psychology of colour and its potential impact with regards to the furniture in your workplace. Did you know that some believe that the colour green can have a calming effect on employees and reduce feeling of anxiety?

Do You Need Advice About Your Office Interiors Or The Furniture Within Your Workplace?

If you're searching for advice with regards to office furniture, or if you're searching for advice or inspiration for an office interiors service such as an office fit out, office relocation, or office furnishings.

If you would like to learn more about office furniture, we have lots of informative articles and blogs about modern office furniture such as “Is Furniture Negatively Impacting Your Office?" or “Look After Your Office Furniture – And It Will Look After You". However, if you would prefer to learn about other office interiors services perhaps you would be interested in reading blogs such as “The Benefits of Choosing A Managed Offices Service" or the blog titled, “Should You Consider Relocating Using A Managed Offices Service?".

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