Does your office environment utilise integrated technology? Are you making the most out of 21st century society's technology in your office design?

Don't Get Left Behind – The Importance Of Integrated Technology

When designing technology or designs, people often use the phrase modern. However, it's important to remember that the modern period has been and gone, so it's important to think about the new technologies and new design solutions that are available in our 21st century.

When Did Modernism End?
The Modernist period ended in the mid 20th century and after that the world entered a period called post-modernism. However, it is theorised that society has changed enough for the post-modern period to be over, and as such society has entered a period which some are calling post-postmodernism.

What Technology Could Be Integrated Into Office Environments?

  • Give Employees Choice On Devices
    With regards to technology used in office environments, implementing a 'choose your own device policy' could be very beneficial. Whilst at first it may seem strange to allow employees to bring their own devices to work on, however this can have numerous advantages, especially if you're implementing flexible working and hot desking office space planning solutions as each employee will be able to take their device into the area and location where they would like to work.

Additionally, it also has the benefit of your employee being able to work on a device that they are comfortable with. For example, if they have used Mac computers for the majority of their life, they might be more comfortable working on their own Mac computer.

However, it has more advantages that just familiarity. As the employee will be using their own device, they have significantly more freedom with regards to customising their device to best suit their needs; this includes things such as mouse and keyboard options. Did you know that there are numerous different styles of keyboard? One type of keyboard is known as a mechanical keyboard in which each key has its own switch to be pressed; additionally these switches are available in a variety of different models each with their own advantages and disadvantages allowing the user to choose a keyboard that meets their own specific needs.

With regards to the choice of switches in mechanical keyboards, some switches are linear which provide a consistent and smooth keystroke, which allows for faster key presses. Other types include tactile switches which provide a tactile bump as you reach the actuation point when the keystroke is registered on the computer; another type of switch is what is known as a 'clicky' switch. These switches are similar to tactile switches in the sense that feedback is provided when you reach the actuation point; however instead of feeling the physical sensation of a bump, you will instead hear an audible click.

The concept of a 'choose your own device' model isn't just a theory, according to information on, 62% said that such a policy “would be an influencing factor in their search for a new role".

  • Wi-Fi You Can Count On
    Imagine this scenario, your employees are all working hard on their projects, then all that productivity comes to a grinding halt as one by one they realise, the internet has stopped working and they need to wait for the Wi-Fi to return.

    Whilst new advancements such as smart technology or IOT (Internet of Things) enabled devices are exciting, it is very important that you do not forget about the importance of a dependable Wi-Fi connection.
    • Security You Can Trust
      If you want to add new technology to your workplace, it is very important that you consider how this technology will be used and what methods of security you are going to utilise. After all, a single vulnerability is all and attacker needs in order to gain access and damage your business' cyber assets. So when upgrading the IT of your business, make sure that you upgrade your cyber security.
    • Personal Accessories
      Similar to computer peripherals, there are lots of different accessories that your employees could use in order to make their working day more productive. For example they could use noise cancelling headphones to give themselves room to think; this could be very useful in an open plan office environment in which lots of people are gathered and talking.

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