Scent in the Workplace: Creating a five-star experience

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Scent in the Workplace: Creating a five-star experience

It is no secret that by designing a workplace that your employees enjoy spending time in that you will see a positive impact on staff productivity, engagement and retention. So how do you create a five-star experience for your employees? Active discuss…

In recent years workplace designers have moved on from designing purely with aesthetics in mind. Stretching far beyond the look and feel of an environment, designers are now approaching office design with a focus on all 5 of the human senses; sight, touch, sound, taste and even smell in order to create a positive working environment.

Christopher Pratt, Managing Director of global scent provider ScentAir,believes scent is an important factor when creating a 5-star customer experience and that similar principles can be applied to the workplace.

ScentAir, founded in 1994 now operates globally, bringing a catalogue of over 2,000 scents to a range of corporates including; fashion retail, retail, hospitality, leisure & gaming,spas, and many more. Having expanded into the office market ScentAir have seen a rise of 300- 400% in this market share over the last five years.

So why is the use of scent becoming popular in the workplace? Christopher Pratt suggests large corporates have learnt a thing or two from hotels and retailers and are now acknowledging the power of scent in building their own brand identity, by enhancing their own customer experience and inspiring their workforce.

Inspiring your workforce

Whilst there is an abundance of research into the effect of smell on productivity and other cognitive functions within the workplace, ScentAir believe a crucial focus is on the entrance to a workplace as a way to immediately engage with all who enter the scented space. This is an important first touch point for any business to engage its employees. The welcome scent sets the mood of any business and is key in inspiring your employees on arrival, setting the mood of one's team for the rest of the day.

Did you know 75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell? So, if when you walk into work you are greeted by a bad smell it is likely to have a negative effect on your mood, as opposed to a pleasant smell that welcomes you and sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Christopher Pratt of ScentAir believes by introducing certain fragrances you can provide an ambient welcome experience for your employees leading to better work satisfaction, productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Enhancing customer experience

Creating a great place to work is not just about inspiring your workforce but creating an excellent customer experience for both current and prospective clients visiting your offices. With potential clients forming a lasting first impression within a matter of seconds of entering your workplace, it is important that you get it right! When forming this first impression it won't just be the look of your reception area your clients are paying attention to, but the whole welcome experience. Much like an outsourced concierge/ reception service have a key role in representing your company as people enter the property, more and more corporates are using scent to enhance the customer experience to redefine their brand to their employees and customers alike.

According to ScentAir “Our senses play a vital and complex role in forming our thoughts, impressions and behaviors." By targeting the senses, companies can build a strong emotional connection with clients leading to a potential increase in sales and footfall of a brand or business.

Building your brand

With the likes of Oasis, Molton Brown, White Company and other high street retailers all using scent as a marketing tool it is no wonder workplaces are starting to follow this trend because quite simply - IT WORKS! Whilst walking through a shopping centre it is not the retailers sign that you come across first but more likely the signature fragrance scent of that particular retailer that you will notice. After smelling this once or twice you will forever more associate this particular smell with a brand and the experience you received when visiting the store.

Christopher Pratt suggests that in his experience workplaces are also using scent as part of their branding, like they would a logo or colour scheme. Although not necessarily creating their own bespoke fragrances some larger corporates are opting for exclusivity over certain scents.

Scent solutions...

With a huge variety of fragrances available from French Vanilla to Rich Leather, there is plenty to choose from when designing your office. Christopher Pratt suggests popular choices for the workplace include Tea based fragrances as these fragrances provide a calming and welcoming experience for both employees and prospective clients entering the workplace. Other great fragrances for reception areas in the workplace include Black Amber Tea and Soft Vanilla Amber due to their welcoming and tranquil qualities.

Considering all the senses

At Active we believe that it is important to consider and appeal to all of the senses when designing your workplace. We help clients create bespoke office environments and reception areas that not only work for your employees but also create the perfect first impression with your clients.

For help and guidance on creating great working environments give the Active team a call! Our workplace specialists can offer advice on a range of factors that can help you create that 5-star experience in YOUR office.

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