When starting a business, it's important to put your best foot forward. With that in mind, consider if your chosen office space is optimised for your needs. Office fit out companies such as Active Workplace Solutions can provide a diverse range of office interiors services to help boost the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, which can have a noticeable impact on your bottom line.

Not sure where to start with office design for your start-up? Here's a quick list of 4 tips to give you some food for thought.

  • Forward Thinking Artistic Design. Often being forward thinking can sometimes mean taking a step back. After all, we often use the word modern to describe things that are new and forward thinking, however the modern period ended nearly a hundred years ago in the early 20th century. So, don't feel chained to contemporary design styles mirrored by other businesses; don't be afraid to stand out.

Fashion has changed numerous times over the years; there are lots of time-tested design styles and decor themes that you can use for office design inspiration. One potential design style for office could be the Art Deco style which uses modernist streamlined styles, with desks and furniture made from exotic woods, and metals such as steel. Another great choice for artistic design is the minimalist design, which places a focus on reducing clutter, prioritising productivity and creating a space without the mess but still flowing full of ideas.

  • Keep Up With Technology. To say that tech has a large impact on our 21st century is a massive understatement. Just think about the phone in your pocket. A mere 15 years ago the idea that all of us would be walking around with our own pocket-sized computer would sound like something from science-fiction, however now in 2019 many feel left out and disconnected from the world without their Smartphone.

Speaking of personal items of technology, this presents your business with a great opportunity. Everyone has their own preferences and with a diverse selection of different programs, software, and operating systems to choose from; how can you be sure that your staff will be using the items of tech best suited to their needs? Perhaps you could implement a 'bring your own device' policy where your employees work on their own device, a device that they are comfortable with and already know how to use. This can be very advantageous for flexible working businesses or office environments utilising hot desking. For example,if one of your employees has used Mac computers for the majority of their life;they might not be as productive or as skilled when using a computer with a Microsoft or Linux operating system.

Additionally, it's also important to stay up to date with your internet connection. For many businesses that rely on their connection to the internet, a small error in the WiFi could see productivity come to a grinding hault. However, this isn't just a problem for today; it's also a problem for tomorrow. Remember, IOT enabled devices are becoming more and more common. If your office utilises an IOT enabled lighting system, what happens if your WiFi is unreliable, will your office be plunged into darkness?

3. Consider How Spaces Are Used
As written in Forbes, it's important think about “what's unique about your company". After all, every company has their own story and their own unique way of doing things. So, think about how you can best utilise the space of your office. This is even more important for start-up businesses. Whilst just starting out, you'll likely have a small office environment and be working on a small budget, so it's essential that you make the most out of everything at your disposal. Getting value for money is paramount.

Don't feel obligated to include ping pong tables and other 'fun items' that you see in lots of start-up office blogs. After all, if your employees aren't using them and it's not having a positive impact on the productivity and wellbeing of your workforce, it's not a worthwhile investment. Instead, consider how your business works, think about the things that you need and what will improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees. For example, a comfortable breakout area ensuring that your staff make a productive and relaxing break so they return to work refreshed and ready to face their challenges.

4. Ensure The Environment Is Comfortable
Your office can be the most stylish office in the area filled with the latest tech, but if your employees are uncomfortable, feeling demotivated and undervalued; you're not going to see the boosts to productivity and wellbeing that you're looking for. As such, the comfort of your employees should be one of your primary concerns when designing your office environment.

It might seem like a cost-effective decision to choose cheaper office furniture, however we would advise against this for a few reasons. Firstly, there's the issue regarding quality. Cheaper and lower quality items of furniture may be more likely to break or suffer damage, thus require replacement or repair more often, which could cost you more in the long term when compared to a more expensive and higher quality item of office furniture. Additionally, you also need to consider the wellbeing of your employees. Poor quality furnishings can cause health problems such as long-term back pain, which could result in employees needing time off work to recover, or if the issue is serious enough, skilled employees could seek work elsewhere; costing you a valuable employee.

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