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Businesses are frequently looking for ways that they can improve the productivity in their workplace, but did you know that the office design and space planning of your office environment can have a significant impacton the productivity and well being of your employees? Perhapsoffice refurbishment in Reading could be the key to boosting your workplace productivity.

Is Office Design The Secret To Boosting Productivity?

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1. Use Colour To Enhance Certain Moods And Emotions

When considering a change in workplace design, it is important to choose a colour that fits your brand. However, it is important to remember that changing the colour of your workplace could help to boost your workplace productivity; as such you should instead choose a colour scheme that reflects your company values and your company ethos.

For example, did you know that the colour red is linked to feelings such as passion, assertiveness, and power? As such, if you are trying to create a motivated and energetic working environment, you might consider using red in the workplace. An example of a great way to use the colour red would be in a sales room, with red office furniture and accessories; representing the high energy working environment often associated with sales rooms.

If you would like to learn more information about the use of colour in a workplace, perhaps you would be interested in reading our blog titled “ Are Colours In Your Office Affecting Productivity?".

2. Lower Stress Levels In The Workplace

It's no secret that stress can negatively impact the productivity of a workplace, so when modifying your office layout and design, consider using the space planning opportunity to reduce the stress if your employee's day-to-day lives.

However, it's important to recognise that office refurbishment or office relocation can be a very stressful time for a business, so reduce the stress and keep things easy to manage with a managed office solution. If you would like to relocate your business, our team will work with independent local commercial estate agents to negotiate the best rental fees for the premises. We understand that trying to find the best deal possible can be a stressful experience, so relax and enjoy peace of mind whilst our experienced team of office interiors professionals handles the negotiations.

However, if you'd like to keep stress levels low after a refurbishment, it might be worthwhile considering an office maintenance service. In addition to being costly, it can be very stressful and to keep your office in a good condition, however with Active's Fix It service, we'll keep your office well maintained without you needing to pay a call out premium. Our service includes numerous things such as regular workplace maintenance checks, desk and chair adjustments, door repairs, painting and decoration works, minor plumbing works, and much more; helping to keep the office running smoothly and helping to keep stress levels low.

3. Improve Technology In Your Office Environment
In our 21st century society, technology is frequently improving so it's important that you business does not get left behind. So why not implement a 'bring your own device policy'?

This policy not only allows employees to work on a device they feel most comfortable with (such as Windows, Apple, or Linux), but it also provides them with the ability to choose accessories and peripherals that are tailored to their needs and requirements. We go into more detail regarding different keyboard options on our blog titled, “ The Importance Of Integrated Technology ".

4. Reduce The Impact Of Noise
Did you know that after somebody is distracted it can takeup to 20 minutes for a person to regain full concentration on a complex task? This means that reducing the amount of distractions such as loud noises is a very important step in boosting workplace productivity.

If you are refurbishing the entire office environment with an office fit out service, you might want to consider offering your employees a choice of working environments best suited to particular tasks, such as quiet zones which are fully equipped with acoustic panels and other noise reduction products in order to help them concentrate on the tasks they are working on.

5. Open Plan Or Closed Spaces?
Whilst open plan office environments are very popular for office design and space planning, it is very important to remember that there is no one size fits all approach to office design. Every office needs to be tailor made to fit the unique needs and demands of both the industry and the employees who are working in the office environment. As such, whilst it can be helpful to look at other offices for inspiration with regards to your office design, it is very important that you choose a business that meets your own needs.

So whilst open plan is very popular, if you feel that your employees would be better suited by private office spaces in which they can relax and concentrate, then perhaps this would be more advantageous for your business.

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