We all know that first impressions count, but did you know that the layout of your office could be causing potential candidates to turn down job offers? Here's a list of 2 reasons why your business needs the assistance of a skilled office fit out company.

Millennial Office Design

Designing an office environment for millennials isn't about creating a fun and fashion-forward office area. It's also key to attracting new members of staff and new clients.

  1. You're Missing Out On New Staff
    Simply put, if your office design isn't up to scratch – you're not getting access to the best employees. According to research from onerec.com “UK millennials are rejecting potential jobs because of their 'uninspiring' and 'boring' office layouts". This isn't a small amount either, up to 21% of millennials have admitted to rejecting a job offer because of office design.

    However your business isn't just missing out on new staff, you could also be missing out on utilising the full potential of your current staff. Nearly 20% of Brits find that their workplace makes them feel stressed and nearly a third find their office space boring. So if you want to boost productivity and employee wellbeing, you need to make sure that your office is an inspiring working environment that makes your employees feel comfortable in the workplace.

Attract Clients
It isn't just potential employees who might look elsewhere as a result of poor office design, it could also affect your ability to attract new clients. Office furniture is not alone in the role it plays in sculpting a positive first impression in the eyes of potential clients. The design and layout of your workplace can also play a significant role in crafting a good first impression.

Millennials are aged between 22 and 36, and whilst the research only includes millennials who have rejected job offers, just think about how many millennials visit your place of work representing a client? If 21% reject job offers based on office design and layout, how many potential clients have decided to look elsewhere for that same reason?

Office Design That Appeals To Millennials – What Can You Do?

Creating a welcoming office environment that is attractive to millennials is critical to attracting both new clients and new members of staff. Millennials make up a significant percentage of the working population; so neglect office design and layout planning at your own peril.

Build Spaces For Collaboration
Businesses have long debated the advantages and disadvantages of both open plan office design and private office design. However, consider tailoring the environment to the needs of the individuals working in the office. For example, some employees may benefit more from a quiet area in which they can concentrate, whereas others may benefit from open and collaborative areas where they can work together with their colleagues.

Through office design, refurbishment, and clever furniture choices you can create an optimised working environment to empower and inspire your employees. For example, you could use partitioning to create areas designated for concentration and collaboration, using community tables in the collaborative area, and acoustic furniture to reduce noise distractions in the concentration area.

Bring The Outside Inside
An office plant isn't just a piece of decoration. It's a powerful tool for both office productivity & wellbeing, and a fantastic way to display your brand and ethos to visitors such as clients and potential employees.

Considering wellbeing is very important in the 21st century workplace. The average worker in Britain takes off as many as nine days every year for illness. Being absent from work as a result of physical or mental illness can be very strenuous for businesses; however this impact could be reduced by modifying your office environment and adding more natural elements into the workplace.

Did you know that “workers in offices that offered green or natural features had a 15% higher sense of wellbeing and were 6% more productive"? This was discussed in more detail in our blog titled Biophilic office design: A growing trend.

Additionally, including plants into your office environment can also provide motivation to make other improvements. For example, plants need natural light for photosynthesis. If you're relying on poor quality artificial lights, this could be impacting the productivity of your employees, so by adding plants to your workspace and by increasing the amount of natural light, you could provide a significant boost to office productivity levels.

The advantages of incorporating natural elements into your office layout and design are not just beneficial with regards to employee wellbeing and productivity. They could also help to improve your business' interactions with clients or potential clients who visit the premises, as your office environment will be a welcoming and positive area that inspires all those hard at work within it.

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