Making sure that the workforce is happy and catered for in all aspects of their working day should be at the forefront of any great office design. A number of studies in recent years have shown that having happy and engaged workers improves efficiency, productivity and retention.

However, many UK firms are still falling short when it comes to implementing methods to reduce stress in the workplace. One of the latest reports on the subject of mental wellbeing in the workplace was a 2019 'Working Lives' report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – their findings indicated that British workers have slightly worse health and wellbeing at work on average, when compared to similar economies around the world.

So what can be done to improve mental wellbeing in our workplaces?

Improving Mental Wellbeing With Office Design.

As we spend the majority of our week at work, its effect on our moods is there for all to see. Having a good level of mental wellbeing in the workplace is vital; it affects the lives of employees and their families, as well as the productivity, profits and overall success of the business. By putting in places measures to safeguard it, a business will be doing all it can to create the best working environment possible.

With that, here are some ways that mental wellbeing in the workplace can be improved:

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Help employees to de-stress other employees.

One of the best ways to broach mental wellness is by giving people the means and encouragement to talk openly. By identifying the issue and letting it become a normal topic of conversation, this will remove the taboo that surrounds work-related stress. Employees will feel like they aren't alone and can open up about issues that are affecting them.

Encouraging workers to take regular breaks is also helpful to de-stress. Whether it's a short walk outside, a tea break or something more elaborate, such as sitting in the differing atmosphere of a breakout area or a quiet room, will help to literally 'break up' a moment of stress and relax the mind, allowing thoughts to reorganise themselves. Areas in the office design that are intended for people to take their break in can also be utilised for people to get together – whether it's to open up in private about an issue or simply to chat with others about work in a less-pressurised environment. It all helps.

Allow physical and emotional activity.

When a business allows the rollout of health, physical and emotional practices, it influences the whole workplace. Leadership involvement is key though – when leaders introduce (and are involved in) workplace health challenges and incentive programs, a collective feeling will be transmitted to everyone in the workforce. The likely result is that everyone will want to get involved and thus, boost their health and wellbeing, productivity and morale –and not to mention, affection for a business that takes the time to care (more about this later).

Provide mental wellness resources.

Many different online programmes foster positive mental wellbeing in the workplace. The mental health charity, Mind, have a wide range of factsheets that concern all aspects of the workplace – regardless if you're a small or large business. These resources can be used to create a company-specific process in regards to managing the wellbeing of employees.

Create a healthy work environment.

The work environment is well-known to have a major impact on employees mental wellness, productivity, job turnover and overall profits. By having an open-door policy, keeping everyone informed of changes with the business' goals and policies, a sense of direction will be provided, building trust and thus, reducing employee stress.

There are also 'top-down' policy changes that may benefit employees, including introducing a degree of flexibility within the working day, allowing people to manage their work-life balance effectively. Introducing office design elements designed to improved aspects of their health (including a kitchen to store/prepare/eat healthy foods or even an on-site gym/exercise area) should also be considered.

Just care.

Caring is an integral part of any organisation when each part of it (the people) understand and are concerned about the values and situations of each other and the business as a whole. Expressing and accepting care will create a positive environment in which people will feel a part of and want to share in its strive to achieve success.

Great ways that an organisation can show care is by recognising individual and group excellence, promoting the voices of employees in meetings, getting involved with the local community or charity events, even by hosting family activities.

Great office design can cater for many of these things; so if you're part of a business that is looking to improve mental wellbeing in your workplace, driving your employees on to be the best they can be, then choose the Active Workplace Solution.

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