Although the look and feel of an office environment may vastly change as the years go by, there are certain aspects and requirements of an office design that, if remaining constant, will help the business to be a success. No matter the design of a workplace, office fit out companies advise business organisations that their in-office environment must meet its needs and aims, inspire its staff, as well as reduce operating costs – it's these aspects that make for the most cost-effective workplace as possible.

Why Office Fit Out Companies Are Urging Businesses To Set Out An Office Design Strategy

Most office fit out companies would say that there isn't – and shouldn't be – one uniform office design solution for workplaces; to effectively get the best out of everyone and everything, the design must be bespoke; it must suit the business and its requirements. This is why it's important to always have a strategy in mind when approaching office design – a strategy that takes into account the working processes, the staff who undertake them and the office's location.

Designing A Workplace To Increase Staff Productivity And Creativity.

Forward-thinking businesses understand the effects that a comfortable environment, which has easy access to the tools needed to undertake the job, has on its staff. Being able to do their work feeling inspired and comfortable, will only play into raising the productivity levels and quality of work that they produce. People are of course a business's greatest asset and for a business, attracting and retaining such assets could well prove to be the difference in the entire operation being a success, or not. This is why the implementation of an intelligent office design strategy can be a great help in improving the performance of employees.

The first step to take when creating an office design strategy in regards to people is by actively engaging with them, encouraging them to leave feedback. This will help a business to get a handle on understanding what aspects of the current office design work and which others do not – aspects that can be easily changed in order to optimise performance and productivity levels.

Businesses should take into consideration the following points:

  • How is staff performance currently measured? How can the methods be improved?
  • What is the difference between individual and group productivity? How can both areas be improved?
  • How do staff communicate and interact with each other and how often – can these aspects be improved to help the business to meet its aims?
  • Why should communication be improved? For improved collaboration on projects? Better and faster decision-making? To create a larger pool of ideas?

The Location of the Office Design.

For many businesses, the location of the workplace is a vital component of its success – whether it provides easy access for staff and clients alike or lends itself well to the needs of the business. As one of the most expensive decisions a business will make, it's obviously something that is vitally important to get right. This is why so many business operations seek out office fit out companies to help them to undertake an office relocation whilst thinking about implementing a brand-new office design.

When thinking about the workplace strategy in regards to the location of the office, businesses should be able to distinguish between the building and the workspace that it provides, as each have their own unique uses and influences.

When thinking the location of the building, businesses should consider the following:

  • Does the building and the area around it go with the image that the brand of the business is trying to reflect?
  • Are there other businesses in the immediate area who are complementary to the company or are they competitors?
  • Is the area easily accessible for clients and/or staff? How is the local commute by road, rail or bus? Are there parking facilities and other amenities in the immediate area?

In regards to the workspace itself, office fit out companies recommend that a business should think about:

  • How can the design of the office enhance the productivity levels? Is there sufficient room to include the easy access to tools that would make their jobs much easier?
  • Does the layout of the building fulfil the requirements of the business – will potential future growth mean that the current layout will be insufficient when the time comes?
  • How does the workspace lend itself to the unique culture and branding of the company?
  • What are the/how many options are there to improve the current layout of the office – the more versatile, the better it will lend itself to the creation of a better, more bespoke design.

The Improvement of Working Processes.

Understanding how the office design affects the overall working processes is the key to implementing a successful workplace strategy. Just by examining their core operations, can a business identify their current processes and determine if the design of the workplace helps or hinders the styles of working needed for the business to achieve its aims.

By analysing their working processes, businesses are able to look at the bigger picture of their operations, which also helps to streamline a number of different aspects, making for easier, more cost-effective ways in which to operate.

When thinking about its working processes, office fit out companies advise that businesses should contemplate:

  • How can the design of the workplace help staff to undertake their work, enhancing their ability to perform tasks?
  • What philosophies and working practices need to be utilised – is this something that a new office design will greatly enhance?
  • Does the office design support an increasingly mobile workforce – are aspects such as seating, desks and computers easy to move around?

Active – One of The UK's Leading Office Fit Out Companies.

This is just a small example of some things to think about if you're considering an office refurbishment or relocation. Here at Active, we have been running a managed offices service for around 2 decades now and in that time we have seen working and technology trends vastly change. Many buildings, especially older ones, maintain a layout that isn't conducive to the working needs of the business and its staff. The many businesses who we have worked with have found that their new office fit outs have laid the foundations of long-term success, as they are better able to attract and retain talent - something that we can put in place for your company too.

If you would like further information on how you can implement a workplace strategy in regards to an office refurbishment, or on any aspect of our service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0845 130 9066 or you can send us an e-mail by filling out our dedicated contact form.