After a tough 2020, thecontinuing rollout of Coronavirus vaccines has given us all hope that we'll be able to get back to some semblance of 'normal' in 2021. After a year of working from home, it's understandable if people are reluctant to return to their desks – and the primary focus of anybusiness should be ensuring the safety of its workforce.

So how can a business encourage people to return to the office? It should start with officemaintenancewhether that's a deep cleaning of all surfaces, a fit out of comfortable furniture or something as small as the fixing of a creaky door.

Everything in the office has a part to play in creating a safe, welcoming andinspiring working environment.

The Vital Role of Office Maintenance In 'The New Normal'

Aside from the COVID measures needing to betaken, giving the workplace a little TLC will go a long way in creating avibrant environment. Having an office that is great condition will hearten andinspire employees; providing them with a welcoming place to work each day – theideal attraction for any workplace to have, after such a tough year.

However, it can be difficult (and costly)to keep on top of regular office maintenance – gone are the days of anon-site 'handyman', instead any issues will have to be remedied with a premiumcall out. With such prices, this may discourage businesses who are existing ontight budgets – this doesn't (and shouldn't) have to be the case.

If your business is looking to return toits physical office soon, the team here at Active Workplace Solutions canprovide regular and flexible maintenance on a frequency that suits you. Nomatter what you need – from deep cleaning, repairs, maintenance checks,cleaning, PAT testing or plumbing works – we have packed all these services(and more) into Fixit; a one-stop shop for all your workplace maintenanceneeds.

Fixit – Your Ideal Office,For A Great-Value Price

We work with all types of facilities andoffice managers – from large corporations with multiple locations, newstart-ups, small businesses, right through to community assets, like schoolsand sports clubs. Our aim is simple – wecall upon our vast experience and vast range of skills to utilise the righttradesman to fix whatever issue you have; specialist solutions that will ensureyou receive the best work for a great-value price. It can literally be anything– from the odd leaky tap or creaky chair, right through to whole roomrenovations. The only constant aspect of our work is that it's delivered tosuit your needs and budget.

Our team of skilled multi-tradesmen includeselectricians, plumbers, fitters, carpenters, decorators and many otherprofessionals.

By choosing Fixit by Active, you will benefitfrom:

  • Time savings on sourcingvarious tradesmen.
  • The ability to have any issuesrepaired as soon as possible in a cost-effective manner.
  • Being able to control yourbudget by paying a yearly fee – no 'surprise' costs.
  • A workplace that is constantlykept up-to-date, looking fresh.

We understand that every business isdifferent and therefore, their office maintenance requirements maydiffer from each other. This is why we have four different maintenance packagesto choose from – we can make site visits on either a 6-, 12-, 26- or 52-timebasis, ensuring that whatever your budget, you'll be able to get importantrepairs done as quickly as possible. In addition to these packages, we alsooffer a reactive maintenance service – naturally, all repair works can beplanned, incidents happen spontaneously. This service sees us kept 'on call',so whenever there is an issue, we're there to help when needed.

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