2020 has been a challenging year for us all– at the very least we've had to deal with an erratic work schedule that has seen us work from home. The initial lifting of the March lockdown in late June proved to be a false start – November saw offices close again, with many of them already spending thousands of pounds in adapting their spaces forCOVID-safe measures.

This has led many businesses to consider the prospect of the physical office for the foreseeable future – should they spend thousands on changing the office around only for things to potentially change again? Or should they simply give office furniture to their employees to continue to work from home?

As an office design company that has been working on these COVID adaptations for the last few months, we can tell you that it's a prospect well-worth considering – thanks to the abilities of remote technology, working from home has never been so easy. So, aside from the cost savings, why should you consider it?

Why Give Office Furniture To Employees and Let Them WorkFrom Home?

It improves wellbeing.

The mental health of your employees is morelikely to be improved if they work in an environment that they feel comfortablein – and there's no place like home. With the morale boost of being able tobalance their work-home life, their productivity and quality of work mayincrease too. With the addition of some specialist office furniture,that comfort and attachment to the business can only increase.

It can increase loyalty.

Even before COVID, home working was agrowing trend; a business does not have to insist on a WFH policy but ifthe option is there for people who need it, it will help them to feel valued bythe company, boosting their relationship with the business. Positiverelationships will see an increase in staff retention, meaning people will beless likely to quit or choose to work somewhere else. A sense of loyalty also means that they willwork harder too.

It increases the talent pool…

A great advantage of WFH is that it canattract the right talent when recruiting because you'll be able to hire peopleoutside of your area, without them having to worry about commuting every day.

…also helping to cater for a variety of roles.

If you've previously tried to increase thediversity of roles within your organisation, a WFH policy is the ideal way toattract specialist workers with busy home lives or commuting issues. Byallowing them to work when they need to, they will be able to achieve the rightwork balance, not sacrificing their other commitments.

It streamlines your processes.

With employees working on officefurniture remotely, it will help to streamline many of your day-to-dayprocesses by eliminating the need for daily meetings. With e-mails, instantmessaging, video calls and other digital communication, everyone is able tostay up to date with what's going on in real time anyway. Decision-making andidea sharing can be done remotely without the need for physical conferences –allowing people to get on with their work with the minimum of interruptions.

Need New Furniture For Your WFH Employees? Choose TheActive Solution

Here at Active Workplace Solutions, we arean experienced provider of officefurniture that has made a huge difference to the working practices of ourclients. Not only are we able to offer advice on the right furniture to suityour employees, but we can also help you to re-organise your office space,honing it to better suit your requirements so that it will be working alongside the business, rather thaneveryone having to work around thelimitations on offer.

Our in-house furniture expertise, coupledwith our relationships with leading modern furniture design manufacturers,allows us to offer you stylish, ergonomic and durable furniture solutionsregardless of your budget. So regardless of whether you're seeking furniturefor your employees who are working from home and/or need something new for whenpeople return to your office, why not consider getting in touch with our teamtoday to learn more?

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