Since 2014, when the right to flexible working was first extended to all UK employees, more and more companies have adopted the approach, with flexible approaches to work now being seen as the norm rather than an exception in the modern workplace. Another trend for the modern workplace is managed office solutions. Like flexible approaches to work, they too have been adopted by many companies thanks to the many benefits they provide. If you are interested in managed office services or flexible approaches to work, do not hesitate to contact our friendly and dedicated team on +44 (0)845 130 9066.

Flexible Working Vs Working From Home

Although the term 'flexible working' is more commonly used in today's workplace, there is still a common misconception over the term, with many thinking it merely means working from home. This however, is not the case. A flexible work solution is the ability to work wherever, whenever. For example, in a café, at a client site, part time or alternative working hours. This flexibility allows your employees to be reachable at times when they are required to be away from the office whether it is due to commitments outside of work or simply needing to work elsewhere.

Who Can Benefit From A Flexible Approach To Work?

Employers are now recognising that it is not just parents that are in need of a flexible approach to work and that the new generations entering the workforce also focus highly on achieving the right work-life balance. In fact, many university graduates are expectant of it and perceive it as crucial criteria when choosing where they would like to work. So just like managed office solutions, many different types of businesses can benefit from flexible approaches to work.

Despite this significant rise in flexibility, there are still some companies who are apprehensive about implementing it within their own organisations. Some companies worry that this approach will mean a lack of control over their staff, or, believe the nature of their company does not allow for this kind of flexibility. Recent research however would suggest that the adoption of flexible working can actually be extremely beneficial to organisations, busting the myth that it is simply an employee perk. Flexible approaches to work can enable organisations to get the best out of their employees and reap a range of tangible benefits including increased productivity, employee motivation and loyalty.

So, how could a flexible approach to work benefit your company?

Flexible working

1. Increased Productivity

A happy employee is often a more productive one! By offering your employees flexibility they will have a much greater sense of satisfaction in their work. In addition to this you are providing them with the means to choose to work when they are at their most productive. For instance, some employees may find themselves more productive if allowed to start later in the day whereas others would rather get in early and leave early in order to be at their most efficient.

Alternative working hours outside the typical 9-5 will also allow your employees to reduce the amount of time they spend each day commuting. By spending less time getting to work your employees are able to spend more time at work, enabling them to achieve more throughout the day.

2. Reduced Sickness Absence

Balancing work with a busy home life can be extremely stressful and this can have a negative effective on both the physical and mental health of your employees. According to the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) flexible working conditions can significantly reduce employee stress and make for a much healthier and happier workforce. By being able to manage their working hours and their working environment your employees will feel more in control and empowered to use their time most effectively.

3. Retention Of Loyal Employees

With the demands of today's employees growing and the entrance of Gen Z (also known as the iGeneration or Homeland Generation) into the workforce, companies that offer an open and flexible approach to working are much more attractive to job seekers, enabling them to attract top talent of this new generation.

Introducing flexible working can also help to retain employees who might be struggling to juggle other commitments such as children, or a busy home life with their work. By giving your employees the ability to work flexibly you are empowering them to use their time wisely and they will thank you for it. This sense of empowerment will be fantastic boost for your staff morale as well as their commitment and loyalty to the company.

4. Better Customer Service

By adopting a flexible working approach, it means that your employees can be reached outside normal working hours and are not limited to just being contactable when at their desks.

This along with the fact that your staff will be happier and more engaged means that your customers will receive a much better level of customer service. As they say 'Look after your people and they will look after your customers'.

5. Free Up Desk Space

For most companies the most tangible benefit of adopting a flexible working practice would the potential to save on desk space and the money saved from doing so. With the ability to work anywhere you will find that desks will often lay empty and unoccupied and that a designated desk per person is no longer necessary. By veering away from the traditional, fixed desk per person and introducing hot-desking, you can save a huge amount of money that would have been wasted paying for empty desks.

Gone are the days of the 9 to 5. Recent studies suggest that 2017 will be the year when over half of UK organisations adopt a flexible working approach. In order to keep up it is important that companies both big and small put in place the right IT infrastructure in place to be able to manage it. This includes mobile devices such as phones, laptops, iPads and tablets as well as collaborative technology like shared cloud storage so that files can be safely accessed outside of the office. Another fantastic way to manage your office is with a professional managed office solution.

Ultimately the extent and methods of flexible working you choose to adopt will depend largely on the way your business works, the industry you operate in and the kind of people you employ. It is important however, that your business moves with the times and recognises the benefits that could come from implementing this way of working.

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