Office Interior services empower businesses to transform their working environment into one that motivates and inspires their employees to achieve their best. However, with a variety of different office interior solutions to choose from including refurbishment and design, how do you know which service is best suited to your needs?

Quickly, What Is A Managed Office?

Managed offices also known as serviced offices are office interior services which assist your business in creating the ideal working environment for you. Our package includes finding your new premises, refurbishing it, furnishing it, moving you in, and maintaining it.

Managed Office Myths & Why They're Wrong

Unsure if our office management solutions are right for your business? Here's a list of 5 myths and why they're wrong.

You Have To Pay For Things You Don't Need
When Active start our Manage process, we take a client brief. This gives our team the ability to discover exactly what you're looking for.

Simply put, this means that with a managed service, you won't be forced into paying for things that you don't need.

You Have No Choice Regarding The Office You Relocate To
This myth regarding serviced offices is incorrect. With our Manage service, our team will use information taken from the client brief to find a property that's right for you – saving you valuable time.

However, our team don't just help you with regards to saving time. Whenever possible, they'll help you to save some money too. For example, our staff will work with local commercial estate agents to negotiate the best price. This means that instead of your time being filled up with issues regarding office relocation, you can focus your time on work, completing projects, and meeting deadlines.

You Can't Customise The Location To Your Needs
This is simply not true. Step three of our Manage process is redesigning and refurbishing the premises with our office fit out service. This is done to meet the unique needs of your business and includes stylish and practical furniture options.

For example, if at the beginning of the process, your business stressed an importance of private office spaces but a space for collaborative work. We could create private areas through the use of partitioning, with a large shared desk in a separate open plan collaboration area that also includes acoustic panelling and other features to reduce noise in order to keep the amount of disturbances to a minimal.

There Are Lots Of Hidden Costs
Some businesses are concerned about hidden costs regarding 3rd party office services. However, we are committed to providing our clients with both a high quality service and great value for money. So you don't have to worry about hidden costs with Active.

With our management services, we negotiate the best prices with local commercial estate agents; however our work does not stop there. We also work hard to negotiate the best deals with regards to services and utilities that you require, such as electricity, internet, and water bills. Additionally, in order to provide you with even more value, after moving you in, we'll maintain your workplace with our office handyman service. Your fee will be paid monthly or quarterly and we'll take care of the rest.

Serviced Offices Are Complicated
If you organised everything yourself, you'd have to find your ideal premises, meet with commercial estate agents, negotiate utilities and services, consult with office interiors businesses to refurbish the premises into an environment that suits the needs of your business, and you'll need to speak to a business about transporting all your equipment from your old premises to your new location. However, work doesn't stop once you finally move into your new office, because you'll need to consider office maintenance.
That's a lot of work.

We understand that searching for a new location for your business and refurbishing it to meet your needs can be a lot of work which can be very stressful. That's why in reality, choosing to relocate to a new office via a managed offices solution is less complicated, not more.

Finding Your Ideal Office Made Simple With Active Managed Offices

Finding your ideal office location is now easier than ever with the Manage service from Active.

Our solution for serviced offices takes a lot of the stress and frustration away from finding a new place of work. Say goodbye to meetings with numerous different businesses throughout the relocation process, instead our friendly team of office interior professionals will use their experience and expertise to find a property that meets your business' unique needs.

Learn More Information About Our Office Interior Services.

If you would like to learn more information about the numerous different services available to businesses from the Active team, please visit our blog. For example, you could read information about office furniture, office space planning, and office relocation using our management service.

Our blog is also a fantastic place to find inspiration for your office relocation or refurbishment. For example, did you know that a high quality chair could help your employees feel more valued, or that the colours in your office could impact workplace productivity?

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