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Sometimes it can be difficult to know when the time is right to change the design of your workplace. Indeed, with numerous different trends coming and going it can be confusing to know when the time is right for you to change your business' office design.

So if you're interest in a workplace design and space planning service, get in touch with the talented team at Active. Our office interiors professionals have many years experience transforming business' working environments into office areas that maximise the use out of the available space.

If you would like to make an enquiry or learn more about the office interiors services that are available from Active, get in touch with our team of designers by calling 0845 130 9066.

Is It Time To Update Your Business’ Office Design?

Indeed it can be difficult to know when you should change the design of your office; however here is a quick list of four suggestions to give you a helping hand.

  1. Are Your Staff Complaining?
    If your employees are unhappy in their workplace, this needs to be addressed. If the design of your office environment is the cause of employee wellbeing issues, a professional space planning service to redesign your workplace could be a fantastic solution to create an office environment that motivates your employees to succeed.

    Indeed, if members of staff are complaining about the working environment, it is possible that they may seek employment elsewhere. Resulting in you losing a skilled employee. As such, redesigning or modifying your office could provide solutions to a variety of workplace motivation issues caused by a poorly designed or out of date office.
  2. Is Workplace Productivity Suffering?
    Poor workplace productivity could have numerous different causes, one of which could be the design of your office environment. Poorly optimised workspaces and outdated or unsuitable furniture could be responsible for poor workplace productivity and a lack of motivation in your employees.

    If you would like to learn more information regarding how office interior solutions can boost office productivity, visit the Active blog. We have discussed workplace productivity on numerous occasions. For example you could read our blog titled "How Can An Office Improve Productivity?", "Increasing Employee Productivity and Happiness", or "Could An Office Fit Out Be The Solution To Your Workplace Issues?".
  3. Is Your Furniture And Decor Out Of Date?
    If the furniture or the decor in your workplace is out of date, this might be a sign that it is time to redesign your workplace and introduce more up to date features to your office environment. For example, you could improve the productivity and wellbeing of your employees by introducing ergonomic chairs. Additionally, you could look into the psychology of colour to discover if changing the colour scheme of your office could have a positive impact on your workplace.

    Also, it is important to note that if your office looks out of date it could impact the first impressions that clients or customers may have who are visiting your premises. As such, improving the design of your workplace is important not just for employee productivity and wellbeing, but also important for improving the image of your business.
  4. Are You Considering A Rebrand Or Have You Recently Rebranded?
    If your company image has recently changed or if you are considering changing the image of your business, changing your office environment to reflect this could be very beneficial. Indeed, if your business' website has been redesigned and you have a new logo, it may be advisable to redesign your working environment, otherwise if your website and logo have changed design, but your office building still follows the previous design, it could negatively affect first impressions that visitors may have regarding your business.

Office Design And Space Planning From The Active Team

Here at Active, we understand the importance of good office design. Indeed, the design of your working environment can enhance the wellbeing of your staff; additionally a redesign of your office could also increase the productivity of your employees.

At Active we adapt our strategy in order to provide a workspace that is designed to meet your business' unique needs. As such, before our team begins the design process, we will work hard to understand the unique way in which your business operates. Our consultancy services and our design services include both workstation occupancy studies and meeting room usage, as well as a range of other research.

Additionally, the team of office interior professionals at Active utilise the latest methods and technology to transform and enhance workplaces; whilst also offering practical and durable solutions. Our team are very experienced and have worked with a variety of different businesses of various different sizes. Some of our previous clients include MBNL and Virgin Media!

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Our talented team of designers work hard, designing offices and workspaces that are practical, visually appealing, and make the best use out of the available space. So if you would like to get in touch with a member of our team to make an enquiry, you can contact us using the information below.

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