Any workplace, no matter its industry, size or goals will be accompanied by one key buzzword – productivity. The term refers to the volume of work that employees get through, compared to the targets set by the company during the day. If productivity targets are met, then the company is able to fulfil its requirements to the clients it serves, providing them with a great service. This is why it's important to address any low rates of productivity within a business – sometimes it could be the case that a new office refurbishment is needed.

Addressing Productivity Levels With An Office Refurbishment

Are productivity levels in the office falling? Perhaps you've rebranded and your current office space just doesn't suit your company's culture now? Here are 6 sure signs to look out for that indicate it's time for an office refurbishment

  • You've re-branded – Often a company rebrand is the first prompt for companies considering an office refurbishment. If you are changing the look and feel of your brand you will want to reflect this in your office environment. Maybe you are changing your corporate colour palette or altering your company logo? If so, your office space should also undergo these changes to ensure continuity throughout your brand.

  • Your employees are starting to complain – If your employees are unhappy then a drop in productivity is inevitable. Regular feedback from your staff should be obtained in order to ensure your workplace is operating as it should be and that your employees' needs are accommodated. One way of doing this is through anonymous online surveys, enabling your employees to express how they really feel about the environment, without having to mistakenly fear of reprisals. Suggestion boxes are also a great way of gaining feedback and valuable ideas for your next office refurbishment.

  • Productivity is at an all-time low –A well-designed office is the key to employee productivity and efficiency. If your productivity is dwindling then it is more than likely that your working environment just isn't up to scratch when fulfilling the needs of your workforce. According to research from Leesman, a poorly planned workplace can have a negative impact on employees and inhibit their ability to perform.

  • The office is looking tired–A tired and drab office will not only fail to inspire your employees but it will also create a bad first impression to prospective clients visiting your offices. Take a look at our latest blog 'Creating a great first impression' for tips on creating the right first impression through office design. By giving the walls a lick of paint and injecting bright colours into the space you can completely refresh a tired workspace.

  • You're running out of space – Believe it or not, an office refurbishment could be the answer, over the prospect of moving to a new office space. By conducting in-depth desk occupancy studies, you are able to determine exactly how many people are using a desk at any given time. You'll be surprised to find that you actually don't need as much space as you think you do and by reconfiguring your workspace you can make a much more efficient use of space.

  • Your company culture has evolved – Muchlike a company rebrand, changes in company culture can also influence the need for change. As time goes on and as your company grows, the dynamics of your organisation might also evolve. You might now be catering for a number of generations in the workplace and therefore the company's culture might not be what it once was.

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Here at Active, we assist companies through periods of workplace change. If you think it's time for a brand-new office design, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team. We can offer help and assistance with everything from space planning, to producing 2D & 3D visuals to undertaking the actual office refurbishment itself. Our workplace fit out and construction team can handle all aspects of an office fit out project. With a diverse team of project managers, multi-trade professionals and a wealth of construction knowledge we can deliver high-quality workplace refurbishments that suit both your needs and your budget.

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