Talking about the benefits that a re-designed and better-organised office has on your business is all well and good – but it's an investment that some operations just can't afford to make. Whether this reluctance to invest is through fluctuating profit margins, an unpredictable industry market, or even high rental rates, the prospect of transforming your workspace may seem unrealistic, perhaps for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to creating a better environment for your workforce, you shouldn't let these issues dissuade you from making that positive change. With a managed offices service, you can find your perfect location, decorate it to suit your business and workforce – and save on the costs too.

What Is A Managed Office Service?

To put it simply, a managed offices service sees an office design company take responsibility for creating and then managing your facility for you. The cost that you pay will be one that is paid monthly or quarterly, instead of upfront – giving you better flexibility in organising and freeing up funds to manage your own business.

It can difficult (especially for a busy business) to find the right office, one that combines a great location, along with a great price. Being experienced within the industry, an office design company will be best placed to do this for you.

The service encompasses everything that you need to run a vibrant and successful workplace – the office design company will carefully select your new premises, refurbish and furnish it, relocate you and undertake regular maintenance. With added maintenance costs, especially, being the bane of many a business – you can forgo these costs and still possess a vibrant and fully-functioning workplace.

Best of all, an expert office design company understands that a building needs to respond to the requirements of the business it hosts – rather than the business having to work around the limitations offered by the building. This is something that is incorporated into every single aspect of the resulting design.

The Benefits of A Managed Office Service, From Active FM.

If you're looking to save on the immediate costs in creating your ideal workspace, a managed offices service from Active will make for the ideal solution. Having spent many years operating within the office design and fit out industry, we have gained a great experience and knowledge in how the effects of a well-designed office environment can change the mood and productivity of a business.

Our office design experts will work closely with you in order to finely-establish what the needs of your business are – from your ideal location to the different aspects of an office design that need to be shaped towards the working practices of your staff and the tasks they undertake. With Active taking care of the management of your office for a monthly or quarterly fee, you will be able to concentrate on your business operations, without having to worry about the effect that your office has on your staff.

Here are the other benefits of choosing our managed offices service:

  • We work with independent agents in order to offer impartial advice, which ensures that all our clients will get the space and flexibility that best suits their business operations. We are able to negotiate the best rental fees and take care of the management and costs of all utilities – including electricity, internet and water bills etc.
  • Our office fit out team is able to work closely with you in order to create a design that allows you to place your business' personality as the heart of the office space. We are able to provide layouts and space plans before undertaking a full refurbishment of the office. The refurbishment work will only begin once you are happy with the design we produce.
  • Whilst the office refurbishment is on-going, we will engage with manufacturers of office furniture, in order to bring you stylish, durable tables and chairs that not only are pleasing on the eye, complimenting the design of the office – but also fulfil their primary function of offering a comfortable existence at work for the staff who use them.
  • Once the refurbishment is complete, our relocation team will get to work in helping you to move your operations from your current office, into your brand-new, bespoke one. Whether it's IT equipment, any furniture you may want to keep and of course, the staff themselves – our relocation experts will be able to have you settled into your new office in no time at all, vastly reducing any profit-effecting downtime.

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