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Refurbish,Relocate, Furnish? Could These Office Services Improve Productivity And Wellbeing?

If you're considering utilising a professional workplace solution with the aim of improving your office environment's productivity and wellbeing, the Active team can provide a wide variety of workplace solutions including refurbishment, relocation, and furnishing.

Refurbishment And Office Fit Out Services

Office refurbishment and office fit out services can provide businesses with an updated workplace that not only meets their needs of today,but also considers the needs of tomorrow.

Office refurbishment can provide lots of fantastic opportunities for businesses who are trying to improve office productivity. You could refurbish your place of work to mitigate concerns regarding noise distractions. For example, if your businesses utilises open plan office environments, perhaps you could utilise a fit out service and introduce acoustic solutions in your workplace. Some potential solutions could be: acoustic furniture, implementing areas which are designated for concentration, or perhaps introducing plants to your working environment as they could help to absorb and soften background noise.

However, including plants in your office refurbishment could offer more than just assistance with regards to office background noise. The use of indoor plants in your office environment could also significantly improve air quality; creating higher levels of oxygen and reducing levels of carbon dioxide. This could improve energy levels within the office environment and also improve concentration.

If you would like to learn more about how office refurbishment and fit out services could impact office productivity,consider reading our blog titled “Increasing Employee Productivity and Happiness: With Office Refurbishment In Slough".

Find A New Place Of Work With Relocation Services

Relocating and finding a new place of work for your business could potentially be a fantastic decision that could improve not only your business, but also the day-to-day lives of your employees. However, with regards to office relocation, it is very important that you make the correct decision.

It is critical that you get the timing right with office relocation. To reduce stress it is advisable that you avoid busy events such as Christmas and New Year. However, it is also important to ask yourself if relocation is the right step for your business. Would refurbishment or a furnishing service better serve your business' needs?

Indeed, as relocation can be a very stressful experience for both yourself and your employees, it is very important that you consider if relocation is the correct decision for your business. For example, if your current workplace is afflicted with poor design and as a result of this, productivity and wellbeing is suffering, perhaps a professional office refurbishment and fit out service such as the Build service from Active will be of interest to your business.

However, if after considering the pros and cons of office relocation, you have decided that moving your business is the right decision. Speak to the Active team and enquire about our move service, or our managed offices solutions where we can find a property, negotiate the best price, source utilities, furnish the premises, and move you in.

Update Your Workplace With Furnishing Services

The furniture in your working environment is very important. It can have a large impact on your office productivity and wellbeing.

Sitting in uncomfortable office furniture could lead to employees feeling distracted. This could have a serious impact on both their productivity and wellbeing. Indeed, inflexible furniture could potentially cause long-term back, neck, and shoulder injuries which could lead to employees needing time off work in order to recover.

Also, poor quality and uncomfortable furniture could potentially result in employees searching for employment elsewhere! As such, utilising a professional furnishing service to provide your office environment with modern office furniture could be a fantastic workplace solution to boost office productivity and employee wellbeing. If you would like to know more about furnishings and seating, you could learn more by reading out blog titled, “The perfect ergonomic office chair".

Additionally, with regards to furnishings,it is very important that your business makes the most out of the space that is available. For example, storage solutions included in office desks could boost productivity by giving your employees the option to customise their desk space.Some might prefer a working environment with helpful notes placed around their desk, whereas others might prefer a less cluttered desk with things stored away whilst they are not being used.

A furnishing service from Active is flexible, this allows you to mix and match products that work for your business and suit your budget; providing your business with office furniture that is both beautiful and practical.

The Active team can provide furnishing services for all areas of your workplace including a casual breakout area for your employees to relax and socialise, an office cafeteria, your reception area, or even the whole office environment!

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