A guide to choosing your office space

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Office Relocation: A guide to choosing your office space

Are you considering an office move, but have no idea where to start? Well then this is the guide for you! Active discusses the key things you must consider when planning an office relocation.


The first thing you must acknowledge before you can even contemplate an office move is your company's budget. How much do you realistically have to spend? Will there be any hidden costs? Hidden costs might include parking and maintenance like cleaners etc.


Another factor to regard when deciding on an office is its size. After all, the last thing you want is to be cramming 50 staff into a tiny space. At the same time, you might not need as much space as you think you do. Ask yourself how many of your staff are permanently in the office and how many are only there half the time? Could you be saving on space by introducing “hot-desking"?


Your new office location is extremely important as it could affect both your employees and clients. Your employees will be commuting to this space nearly every day which means it is vital that it is within easy proximity. Ask yourself, how easy is it to get to? Is it accessible by local transport e.g. trains or buses?

With employees spending more and more time at work it is important to be close to local amenities such as, cafes, newsagents and even gyms. This will promote a sense of happiness and well-being amongst your staff which is proven to have a positive effect on productivity.


Your office's design should represent you as a company; therefore it is crucial that you get it right. Would you be proud to invite clients into your office? Does the style of the office portray your brand positively? Although reputation is important even more so is whether it will encourage employee productivity. Contemplate a range of different working spaces to accommodate different job roles and characters amongst your team for example, collaborative break out spaces as well as private meeting rooms and rest spaces.


Last but certainly not least, infrastructure! Does your office space have adequate and reliable facilities such as electrics and telecommunications? This will be fundamental in the running of your business. Another thing to question is whether services such as the internet connection are included in your rent as this may be an extra expense.

So now you're ready to choose that perfect work space! Once you've picked your new office why not get one of the Active team in for a complimentary workplace assessment. We can support you in your office move from the relocation to design and furnishings. Not forgetting the disposal of any unwanted furniture from your old office. We'd love to get involved!

Thanks for reading!

The Active team.