Office Design: Creating the Right First Impression

“7 seconds", “3 seconds", “a 10th of a second" – These are all supposedly the amount of time it takes to make a first impression. Whether it's 7 or a 10th, we are still talking an amount of seconds before a potential client makes a lasting judgment about your company. Now, that is a scary thought!

So, now's the time to stand up, take a good look around and ask yourself, “Does my office make a good first impression?"

If the answer is yes – take another look, a closer look. Sometimes, our vision can be blurred by sentiment. As much as you love the collage of stickers that cover your filing cabinet, the teddy collection cluttering up your desk and the footie posters plastered on the wall – It's probably not the best representation of your brand.

If the answer is no – you could be seriously damaging your company's image without even realising it. Your brand is not only your logo, your products and the service you provide but how you present yourself in every way. Your office should send out a powerful message about your company's culture and ethos.

For example, a messy office suggests your business is unorganised and sloppy…

An out-of-date office suggests your business is unwilling to move with the times…

So, what is important when making the right first impression?


The right use of colour is vital when it comes to representing your company. The colour of the walls alone can evoke a number of feelings. For example, too much white can look sterile and unwelcoming. Beige can be bland and lack personality. Consider using flashes of bright colour for a vibrant and contemporary look. Colours such as green, to enhance creativity; blue, for a calming effect; red, for passion. Whatever the colour, make sure it is representative of your values. See how you can incorporate the colours from your logo into the décor, teaming your brand colours with white to keep it looking clean and crisp.

An up-to-date, variety of facilities

While you might not have the space or funds for a gym, cinema and restaurant in your office, there are smaller changes you can make to show you prioritise the needs of your employees. Even a small multifunctional breakout area can work wonders. Having somewhere employees can come together and socialise over a coffee makes a huge difference to morale and productivity as well as portraying a sense of team spirit within the office.

Entertaining clients regularly?

Make sure you have a welcoming reception area and comfortable lounge to accommodate clients. Introducing some comfortable furniture will put your clients at ease and show that their satisfaction is a top priority.

Here at Active, we design bespoke offices and reception areas. We understand that first impressions count and that is why our customers return time and time again.

From a whole office design and fit out to minor building works, we can help!

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