Businesses and employers are frequently searching for ways that they can improve the efficiency, productivity, and the wellbeing of their employees. There are many strategies that can be utilised to try and improve either or all of these. Some examples include: office relocation, office furnishing or an office fit out service.

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What is an office fit out?

In order to adapt changes, many businesses utilise a refurbishment or fit out service. A refurbishment service enables businesses to transform their office environment into a workplace that is better suited to their needs and helps them to make full use of the available space. This could be very useful if your company is taking on new members of staff, however a fit out service can also be useful to improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

The Active team can provide professional fit outs with our build service. Our highly experienced workplace construction team can work on projects of various different sizes; this includes both minor building works and full office refurbishment projects. Indeed, with our extensive remit of contracts, we are able to deliver a wide range of workplace services.

Is Refurbishment And Office Fit Outs The Solution To Productivity And Efficiency Issues?

If your workplace is suffering from low productivity, there are numerous different ways that you could approach the issue. One potential solution is to refurbish your office environment with an office fit out service from a skilled and talented business in the office interiors industry.

There are numerous different things that could cause an office environment to suffer from low productivity. One such example is an abundance of noise distractions. Indeed numerous people may complain about such noise distractions in open plan office spaces, some employees may bring noise cancelling headphones in order to limit the amount of distractions they face in the workplace. However, whilst wearing such headphones might provide them with safety from noise distractions, it also removes the advantages of working in open office environments such as the ease of teamwork and collaboration.

So, how can you refurbish your place of work with the goal of reducing distractions? Firstly you could include acoustic furniture and other acoustic solutions in the open plan office space in order to address issues regarding noise levels. Additionally, you could include a breakout room in your refurbishment plans to provide your employees with a place to relax and bond over mutual interests. Indeed, conversations between co-workers can be a fantastic chance for colleagues to grow closer and boost employee camaraderie.

However, if too many non-worked related discussions are taking place in the workplace, this could very quickly become a distraction. As such, it can be very helpful to create a dedicated space for non-work related conversation, that way office discussions are limited to those relevant to current tasks. A breakout area could be the ideal solution to promote discussions between co-workers without distracting those around them.

What About The Health And Wellbeing Of Your Employees? Could An Office Fit Out Help?

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of your employees, a fit out service to refurbish the office environment could be a fantastic way to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Many would argue that a more person-centred approach with regards to office design is required; instead of the previous focus on functionality. Indeed, by moving towards a person-centred approach, you could transform your office environment into a high performing and productive place to work that addresses important issues with regards to employee wellbeing.

When many consider employee health and wellbeing with regards to office design, some might first think of ergonomic office furniture, others may think about healthy food options in an updated kitchen area. However, have you considered how your office environment could be affecting the mental wellbeing of your employees? Indeed, studies have shown that an employee's surroundings can have a significant impact on how satisfied they are whilst working within the office space.

You could seek to improve the wellbeing of your employees by adding a relaxing and comfortable breakout area into your office environment using a fit out service. However, it is also important to consider things such as colour. For example, did you know that many consider the colour blue to be associated with feelings of cool, calm and reliability? As such, you might consider an office fit out that considers the psychology of colour in the workplace.

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