Brexit. At times it seems to be everything anyone is talking about. However, whilst the news and other political commentators frequently discuss things such as freedom of movement and trade tariffs, many areas of Brexit that will impact businesses all over the country are often leftun-discussed. Indeed, could Brexit have an impact on office fit outs?

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The EU Referendum; A Brief Recap.

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, in order to fulfil the wishes of the public, Article 50 wassigned on the 28th March 2017 and delivered on the 29 th March 2017. As such, according to this deadline, the United Kingdom will have left the EU by 11pm (UK Time) on the 29th of March 2019. This is only a few months away and as such many people and businesses are concerned about the future of the country and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Brexit And The Office Fit Out Industry.

Brexit is often spoken of as our ticket to sovereignty and success, or as a ticket to isolation and ruin. However, are there any risks or opportunities for businesses in the office interiors sector? Are there steps we can take to maximise gains and mitigate losses as a result of Brexit?

The Opportunities.

If Brexit results in a reduction of “red tape" this could provide the UK government with the freedom required to provide small businesses with state aid, which could potentially result in more businesses upgrading their workplaces, boosting the wellbeing of the employees in them. Indeed, the Active blog is filled with blogs discussing the advantages of an office environment focused on boosting both productivity and wellbeing.

Reasons For Concern.

Brexit provides both ideas for opportunity and potential problems. One such reason with regards to office fit outs is with regards to banks. Indeed, if the repercussions of Brexit are bad, banks may be less willing to lend money; as such some businesses could struggle to borrow the required funds in order to refurbish their place of work.

Will Brexit Be Good Or Bad?

Unfortunately it's difficult to say. On one hand the potential for legislative freedom, open trade, and a reduction in “red tape" could provide numerous advantages to numerous industries across the United Kingdom. However, the negative economic repercussions could also be very problematic for businesses throughout the country. As such, it is very difficult to make accurate predictions with regards to a post-Brexit future for the United Kingdom.

Make The Most Out Of Your Office Interiors Solution. Contact The Talented Team At Active.

If you would like to refurbish your workplace, the Active team can provide a professional solution for office fit outs. However, if you are concerned about the future and you would like to relocate your business to a more suitable location, have you considered a managed office solution?

Managed Offices: What's Included?

With a managed office solution from Active, our talented team of office interiors professionals will assist you every step of the way. Firstly our staff will assist you with regarding to finding the right location for your business to move to. This includes a consultation process with our skilled office interiors professionals. Additionally, in order to reduce stress and make the process as simple as possible for you, our team will negotiate rental fees with independent local commercial estate agents, additionally our team will also work hard to negotiate the cost of utilities such as electricity, internet, and water bills.

Once finding a location that meets your needs at a price that sits within your budget, our team will customise the space, providing layouts, space planning, and a full refurbishment office fit out service. However, our service does not end there, our team will also maintain the space using our fantastic 'office handyman' service, Fix It. Our office maintenance service includes numerous services such as regular workplace maintenance checks, desk and chair adjustments, door repairs, painting and decoration works, minor plumbing works, and much more.

Our managed office solution is a fantastic choice for businesses that are looking for a professional service to assist them with relocation of their business premises. Our package for managed offices includes finding your new premises, refurbishing it, furnishing it, moving you in, and maintaining it.

With an Active office management service, you pay an office management fee (either monthly or quarterly) and we take care of the rest.

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