Office refurbishment can be a confusing process, and with lots of different office fit out companies to choose from, making a decision can be difficult.

So to give you a helping hand, here is a list of 6 tips to help you choose an office refurbishment service.

6 Tips For Office Refurbishment

1. Integrate Technology Into The Workplace
The world around us is changing and technology is growing more and a part of our daily lives.

So, when you refurbish your office space, place a focus on integrating technology into the work space. You could even choose to use pieces of modern office furniture that have wireless charging functionality included so your employees can charge any compatible devices that they are using whilst they work on projects.

2. Invest In High Quality Modern Office Furniture
High quality furniture is very important. It can help your employees feel comfortable in the working environment with pieces of modern office furniture such as ergonomic office chairs. However, it could also be argued that office furniture can also help to boost productivity. With a modern office desk, your employees can take a level of ownership over their own working space,organising and storing things that they need during their working day in an order that makes sense of them.

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3. Colour Is Very Important
Colour is very useful in a work space and an office refurbishment is a fantastic opportunity to bring new colours into the office environment.

Colours can help to influence first impressions, for example the colour 'Black'is believed to be related to the following traits: Reliability & Professionalism. As such, black is a fantastic colour to include in your office environment.

If you're unsure what colour you could include in your office, look to your business' website and business cards. What colours are being used there? These colours can help to create a brand image that is uniform across numerous platforms: online, offline and in person.

4. Create Dedicated Spaces
Office refurbishments are a fantastic opportunity to create new areas of your office in order to maximise the usage of the space. For example, you could create a dedicated room specifically for your sales team. Also, if your sales team spends large amounts of time talking to clients and customers on the phone, you might consider utilising some acoustics in the office in order to combat the noise levels. You could include acoustic foam panelling on the walls or perhaps even some acoustic furniture.

Additionally, don't forget about a dedicated breakout space in which your employees can mingle and relax during their break times. This can be a fantastic place for employees from different departments mingle and interact with each other, potentially boosting employee camaraderie.

5. Don't Forget About Natural Light
Natural light is very important in the workplace and there are lots of ways that you can refurbish your office in order to make the most out of the natural light that enters your working environment.

You could include lots of mirrored and reflective surfaces in order to reflect light back into the office space. For example, you could add mirrors to some walls in the workplace, or you could include the business' name in reflective letters on a wall in order to reflect light around the room. You could even change the windows or create areas for new windows in order to allow more natural light into your workplace.

Natural light is very important for the workplace, so when searching for a business to provide a professional office refurbishment service; remember to discuss your options for natural light with any office fit out companies that you speak to.

6. Ask Yourself, “Will This Space Will Provide Guests With A Good First Impression Of The Business?"
If you're refurbishing your office environment, you want to make sure that the office space will provide guests with a good first impression. After all,you wouldn't want a previous customer to return to your premises and think “I preferred the old office".

If your place of work has frequent visitors and you do not already have a dedicated reception/waiting area; an office refurbishment is a fantastic opportunity to create a space dedicated for people and businesses who visit your workplace.

There are lots of ways that you can refurbish your office that could potentially make your guests feel more comfortable at your office. For example, you can utilise colour. As discussed in point 3, you could use colour to create a uniform appearance for your business across all platforms. You could also utilise furniture in order to create a comfortable seating area in which they can relax whilst they wait for their meeting/interview.

Professional Office Refurbishment Services From Active

There are lots of office fit out companies to choose from,so what makes Active special; why should you choose a professional office refurbishment service from Active?

When you're searching for an office fit out service, you need to find a business that has skills that you can trust. Over our years of experience we have delivered office fit out and refurbishment projects for some of the biggest brands in today's markets. Businesses such as: Virgin Media,Mercedes-Benz and Channel

We are a skilled office fit out company, capable of providing office services from minor building works to full refurbishment projects. Additionally, thanks to our extensive remit of contacts and industry relationships, we are able to deliver a wide range of professional services.

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