Ever wanted to know what happens when we clear out a client site? You may presume it's just a case of 'out with the old and in with the new', but there's a much more sophisticated approach to making the most of used items. That's why we've implemented our 'waste not want not' scheme to help our clients, local community and the environment – because we care about what happens to furniture from the beginning of its life through to its last use. You may think an item of furniture is on its last legs, but it may just need a bit of TLC.

Whether it’s an office move, a refurbishment or adesign and build project, we’ve worked out a programme that allows for very littlefurniture to end up in landfill. Our scheme includes three ways furniture canbe given a new lease of life. We’ve used it on countless projects and can’twait to use it on more.

Step one:

When we undertake a project that involves getting rid of old furniture, the first thing we do is check if it is in good enough condition to be sold. We look at the market value and use our knowledge of the market to determine if it can be done. In the case that it is salable, we work with a number of used furniture dealers and companies who will buy the product. The money from the furniture then goes back to the client, which is often used as a discount on the clearance.

Step two:

If the product can' tbe sold, we also look at whether it can be re-used. This happens if it's in a reasonable condition and is also relatively fashionable but would fail to be sold for a decent price. In this case, we add it to our catalogue of used furniture and engage with over 50 local charities to see which could benefit from the items. For charities with a charity number, we send the furniture free of charge and we let our client know where the furniture has ended up and how it's being put to good use.

Step three:

Finally, if we can't resell or rescue the item, we will recycle it down to every single last bit.This means the furniture is stripped down; the wood is chipped, the metal is smelted, the plastics goes to plastics recycling, the glass to glass and we recycle every last piece of furniture if possible. At the end of the process,it means that only 4-5% actually ends up going to landfill.

We have already rolled out this scheme at clients'sites and also during our own refurb. We like to do anything we can to help and we care a lot about the projects we work on and that means seeing them through from the beginning to the end and beyond by offering a new lease of life whenever possible.