Starting in April 2019, Agata is one of Active's most recent recruits. She has already established herself as an integral part of the team at headoffice, assisting with the daily running of the office, tasks and projects.

What did you do before Active?

I started at Active Workplace Solutions in mid-April 2019, following some time in hospitality. I have spent many years working in hotels, restaurants, and pubs, so I'mused to being around people and facing clients. I studied tourism and hospitality at university in Poland before moving to London, where I began my work in the hospitality industry. Come January 2018, however, I fancied a total change,somy partner and I decided to go travelling for the first half of the year. We spent some time in Asia, and then went back to Poland to see my family. It was magical.

How do you find working here?

I came across Active when I was looking for a new joboutside of hospitality. I was definitely ready for a change after three years and was keen to take on a schemewhere I could learn as I worked. When I met with Angela at the head office, I was totally blown away by how stylish and well-designed the space was. I thought 'I can definitely picture myself here!' Thankfully, the interview went well, and I was offered a position as team support administrator. Day to day, I work with various different members of the team – ordering stock, relocation tools, answering general enquiries from customers, liaising with suppliers and traders, and helping to keep on top of invoices and payment structures. It's so varied, which is what I love. I work closely with everyone really,but predominantly Linda and Angela, who work with me on business admin and management.

What can't you work without?

I never realised how handy it was working off two screens. I couldn't be without that now that I have it. It makes working with spread sheets so much easier.

I also love Netflix.We have a large TV and team Netflix account in the kitchen, so we can watch programmes over lunch, which is a nice mental departure from the work tasks of the day.

What do you enjoy the most about Active?

I enjoy how close we all are. I've never worked with a company that has such a close connection with its people. There is a real personal relationship, from the owners and management staff through to the ground teams. Everyone is always very transparent and honest, everyone really does love working here.It's very refreshing. It's amazing to be able to speak to someone who's been working here for years, about work, home life, and Netflix.

What are your goals for the future?

I'd like to learn more about running your own business. I've got a lot of different ideas for running my own company in the future, so learning from Angela and the other directors is really interesting. I also love HR and being around people, so that could be an interesting avenue… I have a lot of inspirations really. I commute by bus, so I listen to a lot of podcasts. I look up to anyone who is successful and willing to do something with their life and give back to the world.You can take inspiration from everyone when you surround yourself with the right people.