Unsure if a managed office solution is the right path for your business? Here's a quick list of 5 ways our Managed Office Reading services can help your company to succeed in the challenges of the 21 st century working environment.

Managed Offices From Active
We can provide businesses with 'the whole package'. If your current location isn't working for your business, get in touch with Active Workplace Solutions. We'll find your new premises, refurbish it, furnish it, move you in, and maintain it.

5 Advantages of Managed Offices

1. Enjoy A Tailored Service
With our managed office solutions, you'll receive a service that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Instead of providing one-size fits all approaches, our team work closely with you in order to establish your own needs and goals, and then we create a plan in order to fulfil those goals.

Why choose an 'off the shelf' solution, when you can have a bespoke solution, tailor made to meet the unique needs of your business and the challenges your company is currently facing.

2. Relax And Reduce Stress
We understand that searching for a new location for your business and refurbishing it to meet your needs can be a lot of work which can be very stressful. However, once you've found the location, negotiated rental fees, and furnished it, the stress doesn't end there. You've also got to consider utilities such as electricity, internet, and water bills.

Some businesses choose to relocate to fix problems or remedy issues they're currently facing, so it's understandable if the stress of relocation is a little overwhelming. So if you're worried about finding a new office location, talk to Active Workplace Solutions; you can relax and enjoy peace of mind whilst the Active team finds a new location for your business. Our can find our contact details at the bottom of this page, or by using the chat feature in the bottom right of your browser.

3. No Hidden Costs
Whether you're relocating to a new office environment, or if you're just refurbishing your current workspace, it's important to get an upfront price for the work being done. After all, you wouldn't want to find the office space of your dreams, only to be hit with a plethora of hidden costs, however with Active Workplace Solutions' Managed Offices solutions; you don't have to worry about hidden costs. We are committed to providing our clients with both a high quality service and great value for money; we negotiate the best prices with local commercial estate agents and negotiate the best deals with regards to services and utilities that you require, such as electricity, internet, and water bills.

4. Improve Productivity & Wellbeing
Distractions can significantly impact productivity and wellbeing of your staff, and the attention to detail required to successfully complete an office relocation could be quite the distraction to your employees. Did you know that on average it takes “25 minutes to return to the original task after an interruption" and “a typical office worker gets only 11 minutes between each interruption"? [ Source ]

We have discussed at long length the impacts that poor productivity and wellbeing can have on the success of your business, so for many businesses the practical choice is to trust a team of office interiors professionals to handle the whole process for you. That way your staff can stay focused on the tasks that you're paying them to do.

5. No Need To Worry About Maintenance
With a managed office solution, you don't need to worry about those small little issues that can affect productivity and ruin first impressions. Thanks to our managed office services, you can enjoy our 'office handyman' service.

This service can include numerous different maintenance services:
- Door Repairs
- Desk And Chair Adjustments
- Regular Workplace Maintenance Checks
- Relocation/Reconfiguration Of Furniture
- Minor Plumbing Works
- Carpet Cleaning
- And Much More.

Still Not Convinced? Visit The Active Workplace Solutions Blog

If you're not sure about a managed office, we have lots more information available about this service on our blog. For example, you could read a list of 5 myths about managed offices and why they're wrong. This is a great blog for those who have heard of some 'horror stories' when businesses have relocated, as it dispels quite a few misconceptions and fears of managed offices.

On the other hand, if you've already found your ideal workplace and you just need help relocating your business; our team are on hand to assist. Whether it's 10 people or 1000 people, our team of specialists can provide a professional office relocation service to keep interruptions to a minimal and ensure that your move runs as smooth as possible.

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