Here at Active, we are a facilities management company that offers bespoke solutions for our clients to achieve their ideal office environment. No longer should any business have to make do with layouts, equipment, furniture or anything else that doesn't support employees in their daily work. By taking advantage of our facilities management service, they can use the space available (and everything within it), smarter.

A Facilities Management Company That Works For You

The Role of Facilities Managers

Whether in-house or outsourced, the role of a facilities manager is quite diverse. Typically, a facilities management company will be responsible for anything that comes under the maintenance, services and security of the facility to ensure they meet the needs of the organisation and its employees.

What Facilities Management Provides...

What Facilities Management Provides...

Common activities that a facility manager may be involved with, include (but is not limited to):

  • Building maintenance/cleaning – mechanical and electrical services.
  • Fabric maintenance – furniture, floors and walls.
  • Statutory compliance maintenance - Gas Safe register, F-Gas, L8 Control of Legionella, Electrical PAT Testing, Fixed Electrical Testing, Fire Suppression Systems, Emergency Light Testing & Lifts
  • Environmental services – waste management and recycling.
  • Relocations – moving people within a building.
  • Health and safety
  • Reception services

Choose An Active Workplace Solution

Since 1999, the Active Workplace Solutions team has provided all kinds of businesses with a wide range of services to enhance their workplace, improving their day-to-day operations. Coupled with our industry experience, our size allows us to adapt and react quickly to changes in your business; providing services wherever and whenever necessary.

As part of our facilities management services, you can take advantage of:

Fixit Service

The days of an on-site 'handyman' are long gone.

Our Fixit service can keep your office in tip-top shape without you paying a call out premium or adding a significant cost to your payroll.

Fixit Service

Fit Out

If your current office layout and design isn't meeting the needs of your business, our office refurbishment and fit out services can help you reimagine your workspaces.

Fit Out

Flexible IT

Active offer flexible, secure, and competitive IT solutions with services including device support, cloud migration, telephony systems, service support, and much more.

Flexible IT
Furniture Provision

Having the right office furniture isn't just important to set the right level of comfort within the workplace, it's important for an employee's ongoing functionality too.

Our in-house furniture expertise coupled with our relationships with leading modern office furniture design manufacturers allows us to offer you stylish, ergonomic and durable office furniture solutions regardless of your budget.

What Is Facilities Management?

Every business will rely on a variety of functions and services to provide support to its core business operations – facility management ensures that the right support is available at the right quality and the right cost.

At its core, a facilities management company will oversee everything that keeps an organisation running.

Facilities management is important because it ensures a safe and comfortable work environment for employees. Any good working environment should be shaped around the people who work there – making them feel well, energised, productive and enthusiastic about their work. It should make them want to come to work, perform and grow once they're there.

By contrast, a poor working environment will frustrate work; inhibiting people's productivity and affecting their physical and mental health. With concern for employee experiences being a growing trend within business and management, the condition of the workplace has a vital role to play.

It shouldn't go amiss that the workplace is also a representation of the organisation's brand – even their principles and philosophies – so many places act as a method to promote the business to potential clients and employees too. What the interior needs to do is place the right image in the minds of visitors – something that facilities managers can create and maintain.

What Is Facilities Management?

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