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If you're considering relocating your business with an office relocation service, it's important that you find a good location for your business. So to give you a helping hand, here are 6 tips for relocating your place of work.

  • How Do You Want To Use The Office Space?
Before you start searching for new locations to move to, consider how you want to use the new space. For example, you might be looking for a new location so you can create a large open plan area for your marketing team, or perhaps you want a new location where you can create private office spaces for your employees.

  • Is The Location Convenient For Clients And Employees?
If you find a fantastic location with great office interiors, remember to consider the location of the new office environment.

It is very important that employees have easy access to the building. If many of your employees normally commute via train or bus, then your location would ideally be within walking distance of a local train station or bus stop. However,if a large amount of your employees commute via car, then your new location should have lots of parking space.

It is also important to consider any visiting clients. If your business accepts visits from current and potential clients, it is crucial that your business'new location is easy to access and has a list of easy to understand directions.

  • Is There Room For Future Growth Within The Business?

In addition to having enough space for your current needs, you should also think about your business' future needs. Whilst it is impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy, choosing an office location with some room for growth is very important.

This includes both room in the office environment for future employees and also a great office location for attracting new talent. For example, you might want to locate your business close to a university, or other places of higher learning.

  • What First Impression Does The Office Space Provide?
When choosing your new place of work, it is very important that you consider what first impression the location provides.

When discussing first impressions, many people think about the business reception room and waiting area, however you should also consider the impact that other areas of your business' location could have on a visitor's first impression. For example, the outside of the building and the car park are also very important aspects of creating a good first impression.

However, this does not mean that having dedicated space for visitors is not important. If your business frequently receives lots of visitors, the waiting room is indeed a very important part of creating a good first impression.

  • Work With Skilled Professionals

When relocating your business, it is very important that you work with skilled professionals. If you choose to relocate using our Move service, our friendly and dedicated team will ensure that your office relocation runs smoothly with as minimal interruption to your working life as possible.

The Active team provide all the packing crates and labels to make the move feel easier. Additionally we also take care of all of the IT decom/recom, and carefully pack all furniture and equipment.

Additionally, with Active, all of our work is done during unsociable hours so yours don't have to be. Our team will take care of all the relocation work;this includes making sure that your post is redirected and sending staff new key codes for the new location.

  • Consider A Managed Office Solution
If you're considering relocating your business and you're looking for a new location but you're finding it a difficult and challenging task, don't worry the Active team can help. With our manage office solution, we can take away the unnecessary stress associated with finding a new workplace.

Our package includes finding your new premises, refurbishing it, furnishing it,moving you in, and maintaining it. You pay an office management fee (either monthly or quarterly) and we take care of the rest.

The Active team can provide layouts, space plans, and undertake a full refurbishment of your new workplace. Additionally our team can negotiate the best rental prices as well as take care of all of the utilities; this includes both phone line and electricity bill.

So, with a managed office solution from Active, in addition to finding a fantastic office location and enjoying peace of mind with a professional refurbishment, furnishing and relocation service, you can also enjoy our office maintenance service which includes a variety of services such as regular workplace maintenance checks, desk and chair adjustments, door repairs,painting and decoration works, minor plumbing works, and much more. For more information regarding what is included in an office maintenance service from Active, visit our Fixit page.

Professional Office Relocation Services From Active

Since forming in 1999, Active has become one of the most trusted businesses within the office interiors industry. Thanks to our 15 years of experience, our team is skilled in various areas within the industry and as such we can provide professional services for office relocation, office design,refurbishment, managed offices, and more.

If you're searching for a new location for your business.Our team of office interior professionals can provide a professional relocation service to assist your business. We are an experienced business that provides a professional and environmentally responsible service with post move support.Additionally should you require it, we also offer a managed storage solution which can accommodate all manner of office furniture until you need it again.

Also, for those in need of some advice with regards to relocating your workplace. Active has a move guide to give you a helping hand.

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