Technology is quickly changing, as such it is very important that your business' office is designed in such a way that it can utilise improvements in technology that could be used to boost either or both workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. Indeed, if you do not consider how you can integrate the technology of tomorrow, your workplace could be left behind. So when speaking with Office Design Companies and searching for office design refurbishment services, make sure to keep the future of your business in mind.

Preparing For The Office Of The Future

Surrounded by spaceships and lasers with robotic servants catering for your every need, when you imagine the office of the future it's easy to get carried away with your imagination. However, it's very important that you consider the future needs of your industry and your employees and adapt your office environment in order to meet these needs, so what would the office of the future look like?

The Future Of Office Design: 3 Things To Think About

Google Home

1. Voice Assistants
One of the latest advancements in technology have been the use of voice assistant technology such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or Apple's Siri. These pieces of technology have lots of interesting potential business uses, however it's important to also recognise potential challenges they may present. After all, , it's easy to imagine that being in a large open plan office environment could be very distracting, not only for the workers who are trying to complete their tasks, but if anyone needs to use the voice activated technology, the noisy environment might cause the device to have difficulties recognising the request of the user.

However, voice assistant technology has a great potential to boost accessibility. If you integrate voice assistants into your working environment, the voice command capability could improve the day to day lives of people in the office who struggle using technology, either due to a lack of experience or a disability. The voice command may provide them with the ability to utilise technology and perhaps even complete tasks that they may have previously been unable to complete.

Multi Screen Computer

2. Think About Your Employees Future
When thinking about the future, it's important to consider the comfort and wellbeing of your employees. After all, with regards to the future, you want to make sure that your staff are comfortable and working in an environment where they can succeed and their talents and skills can grow. This means the office design of tomorrow should promote movement within the workplace to combat sedentary behaviour which not only diminishes levels of productivity but can also increase the risk of serious health issues such as depression, obesity, heart disease and diabetes, as well as the potential for musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, it's also important to consider your choice of office furniture. Inflexible furniture can cause long-term back, neck, and shoulder injuries; employees could need time off to recover, and if this issue isn't resolved, your valuable employees could start seeking employment elsewhere. So when considering the future of your workplace, pay close attention to the comfort of your working environment and look for areas in which it could be improved. If you would like to know more about furnishings and seating, you could learn more by reading out blog titled, “The perfect ergonomic office chair".

3. The Next Generation

Perhaps one of the more obvious changes that the future will bring is the next generation. It's a simple fact of life, as the time moves on the older generations retire and the younger generations enter the world of work. The oldest members of Gen Z have joined the workforce in the past few years, and it's been very interesting to see how they interact with the workspace which for years has focused on the needs of those of older generations, such as Millennials.

Business Man

One of the great ways you could optimise your workspace for the digital natives of Generation Z is through the introduction of flexible working. After all, this is a generation that grew up in a world where it is easy to order groceries from your sofa at 10pm. However, whilst the younger generation may be the main motivating factor behind such a change, flexible working does have fantastic benefits for other generations too. For example, the millennials who were often seen as the youngsters will have lots of benefits and advantages from flexible working. For example, some millennials may be starting their own families in the next few years, so flexible working can help them to find a good work/home balance whilst raising their children. Additionally, according to the International Stress Management Association (ISMA), flexible working conditions can significantly reduce employee stress and make for a much healthier and happier workforce.

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