Office Design & Productivity – What’s The Link?

One of the many challenges businesses face is the questionof boosting workplace productivity. However, did you know that your workplacedesign and layout could be harming the morale and quality of work produced byyour employees?

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Office Design & Productivity – What's The Link?

There are many ways in which office design can be used to boost the productivity of the workplace,including:

1. Spaces For Personalisation

Saying everyone is different is a bit of an understatement, so with everyone having their own set of needs and preferences, does it really make sense to force a one size fits all work space on your employees?

Some employees will thrive in a bare bones and highly organised environment,however according to a 2017 study by the University of Minnesota, some employees will instead prefer a chaotic and messy workspace; with a cluttered desk being favoured amongst creative geniuses.

2. Comfort

Placing attention on thecomfort levels in your workplace is more than choosing some nice items ofoffice furniture. Whilst ergonomic chairs and sit-stand desks are great, thereare lots of other items that you can use to improve the comfort of youremployees. For example, you could provide footrests for those whom are shorterthan average so they can comfortable rest their feet. For employees who do alot of typing, you could offer a range of mechanical keyboards with differentswitches so they can choose the style that gives the lowest typing fatigue fortheir own typing style. Additionally, you could also provide forearm and wristrests for keyboards and computer mice, to minimise the strain placed onemployees as they use computers.

3. The Environment

It is essential that you consider the physical space between your employees. This includes things such as ventilation and air-conditioning, which if kept in poor condition could lead to discomfort or worse health problems. Additionally, you'll also have to consider the quality of your office lighting as poor quality lighting can cause issues such as eye strain, headaches, and tiredness, which can impact quality of work and thus productivity.

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