The technology used for work nowadays dictates how an office design is set up. From working alongside collaborative robots, through to wearable tech that can track levels of stress – it's safe to say that workplace technology has advanced greatly from the Macs, laptops and smartphones that dominated the previous decade.

The greatest source of a competitive advantage today is in digitally savvy talent. But these new employees need an immersive workplace experience that matches both their skills and their ambition. They want technology that makes their lives easier and allows them to communicate quicker. They need tools that free them up to do the things they do best.

Combining human and machine is the answer, but this creates a new set of challenges for businesses. It means changing the expectations, goals and dynamics around employees – not to mention, striking the right balance between people, technology and location.

A business must adopt a savvy approach to technology if...

  • They want to ensure they have a happy workforce.
  • They want their reputation to remain intact. (Both of these points are intrinsically linked).

So how can technology achieve a happy workplace? Let's take a look.

Creating 'Happy Office Design' Through A Solid Tech Reputation

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It's not enough for business leaders to pop laptops on a desk, agree to a flexible working schedule and hand an employee a mobile phone and say, “Off you go!" People will see through that, particularly Gen Z-ers who are entering the workforce having grown up with technology at their fingertips.

Businesses will need to understand the way young people think and why (and how) they use technology. Then it's up to business leaders to reflect this understanding by incorporating the right technology into their office design.

New priorities are also emerging that will cause us to think deeply and differently about how we do things, such as the shift to so-called 'good jobs'. Artificial Intelligence will take operational jobs (widely regarded as repetitive, time-consuming roles) first. People will then be deployed to perform complex tasks where they might add value, boost productivity and/or enhance the bottom-line of a business.

However, it's the grey area between tech and humans which keeps the debate alive. To keep pace with this change, the facilities management industry will need to up skill and learn the following:

  • Multi-disciplinary thinking.
  • Automation.
  • Technology.
  • Cognitive science.
  • Design thinking.
  • Consulting skills.
  • Environmental science.

Businesses that invest time and money in these areas (and by extension, their office design) will be looked upon more positively by their workforce. Employees are looking for agile, modern solutions that support their need to work in different locations or when on the move. Businesses can't afford to not meet these demands as it will have long-lasting consequences for employee satisfaction and motivation, which are driving factors in productivity.

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So, what's next?

We're moving to an immersive environment and maybe even augmented reality. This is the era of the smart experience, where tech and humans become one. In can be seen as frightening, illuminating, and intriguing all at the same time.

Let's not forget what humans bring to the fold because they have attributes that robots do not. Technology makes us smarter and more efficient, but humans can empathise and build connections. There are millions of face-to-face meetings every day. Tech can help streamline-and leverage what those meetings are about, but it can also give us more time to think, create and design beautiful things.

So that was how the latest tech can/will be used to heighten employee happiness; if you're interested in learning more about how your business can harness the power of the latest technology to boost employee happiness, our office design experts will be pleased to hear from you.

Take An 'Active Approach' To Your Workplace Design

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