As a facilities management service,we're often performing tasks regarding the maintenance of our client'sbuildings – this includes cleaning and environmental services. Aside from thepractical reasons as to why this is important, there's another factor toconsider too – the reputation of the business.

Potential clients and employees essentially want the samething – to work with/for a business that will suit their needs. Therefore, thereputation of the business is important in framing their thoughts on whether itcan produce products/services (or help them to produce products/services, inthe case of employees) that will fulfil what they desire.

Here, we're going to look at a couple of areas in which theappearance of an office building affects a business – if your workplace islooking to improve its own outlook, please do read on!

The Importance of Facilities Management For A Building’s Appearance

What first impression do you want to set?

  • The exterior of the building – If youwant to be memorable when people visit your business, then make sure that itlooks good from the outside. A clean and well-maintained exterior can reallyimpress potential clients who drive by or use whatever services are offeredinside.

  • The reception – After the exterior, thenext point of contact a visitor will have with your business is the receptionarea. It is important to make sure that your lobby and desk are constructed ina way which supports the brand. In addition, they must appear fresh with cleanlines for maximum professionalism (perhaps add some flowers/plants and ensurethe floors are regularly cleaned?)

The productivity of your business

  • The desk areas – Visitors and employeesalike will notice the difference between a clean building with maintainedoffice supplies. Not only does this improve productivity, but it also createsan environment that is safe for both visitors (as well as those who work thereevery day). Clarity of surroundings equals clarity of mind, so regularmaintenance of desk space is vital.

  • The meeting rooms – The function ofmeeting rooms in an organisation is to host meetings with clients or employees.To make sure that creativity can thrive, they need vibrant and cleansurroundings for their brainstorming sessions – which means you should takecare when it comes time to organise them.

The workflow of your busines

  • Recycling – Paper recycling systems are agreat way for businesses to cut down on costs and save the environment at once.With recent changes in how we work, it's more important than ever that ouroffices have convenient access to bins where they can drop off used paperproducts like printer sheets or copy pads so you don't end up throwing awayperfectly good material. Similarly, offer dedicated recycling options forplastics, tins and glass in the office kitchen. When people spend so much timeat work it is important to take a considerate approach to how we recycle ourmaterials because of this large impact on natural resources – facilitiesmanagement can help with this.

  • Washrooms – The office and washroom spaceis a place that should never be overlooked. It's important to take care ofthese facilities, as people will feel more comfortable when they know theirrestroom always stays clean. With this having such an impact on satisfactionlevels, many firms choose to outsource this maintenance to a professionalfacilities management company to ensure the tasks are done thoroughly.

Saving time with regular maintenance

The regular maintenance of office buildings and equipmenthelps to avoid large repair bills. Cleaning is part of the process, as dirtbuild-up can actually contribute towards material decline in aspects of yourbuilding that you may not notice until later date (when there are more severeproblems with its condition than before cleaning was done by professionals whoknow how best clean every nook and cranny so nothing goes unnoticed).

These were just a couple of examples of how the appearanceof an office building can have an effect on your business; its employees andvisitors alike. If you would like to learn more about facilities management,specifically on how we can help, why not consider getting in touch with ustoday?

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