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There are lots of different factors to consider with regards to designing an office environment. One of which is the improvements in technology. Indeed, with the rise of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and the Google voice assistant, could this new technology impact office design?

How Could Voice Assistants Impact Office Design?

When designing an office it is very important that you think ahead. Indeed an office not only has to meet your business' needs of today, but it also has to provide you with the tools to meet the needs of the future. As such, many are concerned about how voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa could impact businesses and their office spaces.

Open Plan Office Spaces Or Private Office Spaces?

With regards to voice activated technology, it's easy to imagine that being in a large open plan office environment could be very distracting, not only for the workers who are trying to complete their tasks,but if anyone needs to use the voice activated technology, the noisy environment might cause the device to have difficulties recognising the request of the user.

As such, some businesses might be considering returning to private office spaces instead of the post-modern workplace design of open plan office environments. Indeed, with private office spaces, you could tailor each room to the unique needs of each individual. For example, a person working in IT might have two monitors and some items of specialised modern office furniture, whereas somebody who spends all day typing might have a specialised keyboard designed to reduce fatigue.

However, it is still important to recognise the advantages of open plan office environments. For example, if combined with some acoustic solutions to mitigate to nosy environment that is an open plan office, the voice assistant combined with the office layout could potentially provide your business with a boost to productivity!

The Active blog has previously discussed open plan offices and acoustic solutions. In this blog we examined some issues such as keyboards tapping and phones ringing; discussing some strategies that may be used to combat these sources of distraction such as phone booths and designated areas for concentration.

Voice Assistants Could Boost Accessibility!

One of the goals of office design and space planning is to improve the wellbeing of employees working in the office environment. If you integrate voice assistants into your working environment, the voice command capability could improve the day to day lives of people in the office who struggle using technology, either due to a lack of experience or a disability. The voice command may provide them with the ability to utilise technology and perhaps even complete tasks that they may have previously been unable to complete.

The Importance Of Designing Your Office For The Future

When designing your office and planning your workspace, it is important that in addition to considering your business' current needs, you should also make sure to consider any needs your business may have in the future.

Technology is quickly changing, as such it is very important that your business' office is designed in such a way that it can utilise improvements in technology that could be used to boost either or both workplace productivity and employee wellbeing. Indeed, if you do not consider how you can integrate the technology of tomorrow, your workplace could be left behind.

Office Design Services From Active

The talented and experienced Active team understand the importance of good office design. Indeed, the design of your workplace can boost employee wellbeing and it can have a large impact on the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Before our team begins the design process, we work hard to understand the unique way in which your business works. Indeed, as every business is different it is very important that the office space is designed to meet your business' unique needs. Our workplace consultancy and office design service includes workstations occupancy studies, meeting room usage, as well as a range of other research.

Our talented team of designers use the latest methods and technology to transform and enhance workplaces; whilst also offering practical and durable solutions. We have worked with businesses of a variety of different sizes; designing a working environment that meets their unique needs. Indeed,some of our previous clients include MBNL and Virgin Media!

Over the years we have built on long-lasting relationships with our clients. As such it is important to note that, once the initial design is completed, we could continue to manage and maintain your work space;accommodating any requirements that you business may have as time passes.

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