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What Office Design Should You Choose?

If you're not sure what art style to choose from, here's a quick list of three different art movements to give you some inspiration: modernism, contemporaryism, and surrealism.

  • Prioritise Function With Modern Design. When describing items of technology or fashion and designs, people often use the phrase modern. However,it is important to remember that the modern period has long gone. The modernist period ended in the mid 20th century and started in the late 19th century. This art style is known for clean lines, unadorned designs, and simple use of geometric shapes. One of the key design principals at the Bauhaus* was 'Form follows function', which you can clearly see in modernist inspired office design where the furnishing solutions are designed specifically to suit the needs of the working environment, prioritising function and user friendliness over confusing accessories and over decoration.

*The Bauhaus was a school founded by Walter Gropius in1919 that combined crafts and fine arts. Arguably one of the most notable artschools of the modernist period, The Bauhaus was extremely influential in awide range of art fields including but not limited to typography, graphicdesign, and interior design.

  • Show Off Your Style With Contemporary Design. Contemporary design takes notes from modernism, making great use of clean lines. However, where it differs from modernity is the use of colour, style, and decoration. In modernist designs, there is little room for style for style's sake. Everything must have a function and a role to play. However, with contemporary design interior design, whilst there is a large focus placed upon the function of the space, there is also great importance placed on the form and the style of the environment. Contemporary designs will indeed make use of clean lines seen in styles very popular and very common in decades past, however they will also make use of fashion, popular colours, trendy furniture, and integrate the latest tech.
  • Make Your Workplace Stand Out; Consider Surrealism. A popular art style in the 1920s-1930s and often associated with French and Belgian artists, this art from and cultural movement is best known for both the visual and literary works it produced.
Taking influence from previous movements such as Dada and abstractism (abstractart), the form utilises and features surprise, juxtapositions, and non sequitur. Whilst at first it may seem strange to consider surrealism as inspiration for office interior design, however it's important to note that may artistic movements also flow alongside cultural movements, and surrealist art can be very inspiring. So it might be a fantastic tool to use in order to inspire your employees to reach new heights.

Alternatively surrealist art and decorations can be a fantastic way to accessorise your office environment. Things such as the famous Dali clock,could be a great way to add a little quirky touch to your office and make it stand out from other workplaces; a very valuable addition if your premises attracts frequent visits from current and potential clients, the surrealist design and decoration could give you that helping hand to make a more memorable experience for your guests.

However, it's important to remember that this list is just three of the many art movements that you can find inspiration for your office and interior design. With art styles and movements such as futurism, expressionism, art nouveau, and many more to choose from; you're sure to find an art style that matches the culture and ethos of your business.

How Can Active Workplace Solutions Help You?

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