First impressions are very important. As such it is vital that any client or potential employee feels inspired and optimistic from the moment that they first visit your premises. If your office space is in need of rejuvenation, have you considered a professional service for office refurbishment in Reading from Active?

The Importance Of A Great First Impression

Whenever somebody enters into a new building, they will have a first impression of the building and those who work there. Yes it is possible to recover from a poor first impression, however do you really want to start at a disadvantage?

10 Tips To Create A Great First Impression

Here is a short list of 10 tips that can help you to create an office space that gives a great first impression.

1. Have An Organised Space
You wouldn't want to keep a potential client or potential employee waiting for an unreasonable amount of time whilst you try to find relevant information and documents. As such it is very important that you workspace is organised.

An office refurbishment in Reading service can help you to create a more organised and functional working environment. This way you can utilise storage solutions to quickly find what you need and return to your meeting.

2. Is Your Workplace Accessible For People With Disabilities Or Those With Difficulty Walking?
If you're considering improving your workplace with office refurbishment in Reading, making changes to your workplace in order to make it accessible to wheelchair-users would be a good way to help design a workplace that creates a great first impression of your business.

3. Create A Comfortable And Welcoming Reception Area
When a guest arrives for a meeting, they should be able to wait in a comfortable area. Choose a relaxing chair that matches your branding. You could even extend comfort to areas outside of furniture by offering refreshments such as a cup of tea, coffee or juice with a selection of biscuits and/or pieces of fresh fruit.

4. Make Sure Everything Looks Fresh
Do your walls look like they need to be repainted? Do your carpets look like they should be cleaned?

Sometimes you don't need a large refurbishment service to update your workplace. With the Fix-It office maintenance service from Active you can give your workplace the TLC it needs to create a good first impression for any guests that visit your premises.

5. Create A Comfortable And Stylish Meeting Room
If your business's current meeting room is poorly designed, an office refurbishment service could help you to create a stylish and comfortable environment that reflects your business's brand in which you can have meetings with clients, potential employees and other guests.

6. Include Plants
Plants are fantastic additions to the workplace. In addition to providing some natural beauty to the workplace, placing plants in between seating can provide guests with privacy if multiple guests are waiting in the same area.

Additionally many would argue that by including natural elements such as plants in your workplace, you can make the office environment feel more welcoming and inviting.

7. Display Your Business's Logo
Make sure that guests can see your business's logo as soon as they enter the building. Eliminate any fears that they may not be in the correct place. You want the guest to feel comfortable and happy from the moment that they arrive, so make sure that all your decorations and colours are on brand with your company's logo.

8. How Many Visitors Do You Get?
A working environment that has a large amount of visitors has a different set of requirements to an office space that has a small number of visitors. For example, if you have multiple visitors a month, a reception area and a hardwearing flooring material could be very useful.

However, an office that has a low number of employees in a building and has very few visitors during the year (perhaps less than 5) might be better suited to a more relaxed approach.

For example, you could create a breakout area that doubles as a waiting room. This means that guests can still relax in a comfortable space and help themselves to refreshments, but it also makes the best use out of available space in the building.

9. Your Choice Of Lighting
Your office could look amazing, but if your lighting is poor, it can leave your guests with a poor impression of your business.

When considering office refurbishment in Reading with the goal of improving first impressions of the office space, make sure you include as much natural light as possible. This way you can avoid dimly lit areas, instead creating a bright and inviting workplace.

10. Choose A Skilled Professional To Provide Office Refurbishment In Reading
If you want to update your premises to create a great first impression, talk to a skilled professional that can provide a professional service for office refurbishment in Reading.

With the assistance of a skilled professional they can use their experience and talents to transform your workplace into a warm and comfortable working environment, giving your guests that all important great first impression.

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